Funny Business #8 : What is a tribe and why you should build one. Plus plenty more marketing G O L D !

Funny Business #8 : What is a tribe and why you should build one. Plus plenty more marketing G O L D !

It’s funny business time again and a chance for Andrew Griffiths (Australia’s top small business author) to get together with me, Tim Reid (Australia’s top marketing speaker and podcaster). In this episode of Funny Business we get into a heavy discussion about tribes and how to grow a healthy one; what to do with feedback; tactic for getting through the gate keeper; a ninja tip for smashing your ‘to do’ list; and some enlightening listener comments.

There is a lot of marketing gold for business owners in this episode including:

  • How to focus on your ‘to do’ list and get results.
  • What is a tribe.
  • Why you should build a tribe.
  • How to create  a healthy tribe.
  • How you can make your customers feel they are a part of something great by adding value.
  • How to bring your tribe together.
  • Why you should think deeper about feedback before actioning it.
  • What to consider when actioning feedback.
  • How to get through the gatekeeper to the person you need to talk to.
  • Where to look for new ideas to grow your business.
  • Why you should look ‘at’ your business from a customer’s point of view.
  • Why you should be comparing your business with other business types.
  • And heaps more.

Listener Feedback

  • Ian Manning from Orthocore provides some interesting feedback on what he learned from the Cold Calling episode with Jenny Cartwright.

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5 thoughts on “Funny Business #8 : What is a tribe and why you should build one. Plus plenty more marketing G O L D !”

  1. James Sleight

    Sticky Note stacking what a great idea. As another A.D.D creative type I love the idea of limiting my view to one thing at a time. I did have to drag the idea beyond the 90’s by downloading a sticky notes app that syncs on my ipad and MacBook but it still lets me stack them in order on my screen. Absolute gold dripping from the ceiling (cue music) .
    James Sleight
    Comedy Magician and Ventriloquist

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