How clever marketing (and a fun name) helped Dr. Snip undertake 20,000+ vasectomies!

How clever marketing (and a fun name) helped Dr. Snip undertake 20,000+ vasectomies!

Dr Nick Demediuk, AKA Dr Snip has performed over 20,000 vasectomies in Australia. In this entertaining episode with Dr Nick, he shares how he uses clever marketing to attract patients and get noticed in the community; how humour helps to overcome fear; and why helping take away ‘the fear‘ helps his business  grow.

Here is a snippet of what we discuss:

  • How creating a clever name and fun logo can help build your brand.
  • How addressing fear in the marketing message can help grow business.
  • Why using an answering service to answer patient enquiries is a smart business decision.
  • Why taking the view of helping and assisting customers wins business.
  • How to incorporate frequently asked questions that assist customers with making a decision.
  • Why radio can be a great medium and how to use it to your advantage.
  • What Dr Snip gives to his customers after the job is done that gets tongues wagging.
  • Why a sense of humour can be important for business.
  • And plenty more.

Listener question and feedback

  • Vanu asks about naming a business to suit his new brand and I offer 9 things he can do to get the name & message right.
  • I share some feedback from an engineer, Tom Harris, who has no influence over the marketing where he works, but is passionate about using his marketing skills when he starts his new business in 2014.

Upcoming shows

  • Nicole, a female gym owner in Canada has managed to convince 45 of her clients to tattoo her logo on themselves.
  • Johnathon from Frankstown TV, is changing perceptions overnight and we discuss how he is doing that.
  • Mike, is leading drama teacher who is absolutely nailing his business online and offline.
  • Tony, who has taken Harvey Norman computers to a $580 m empire off the back of smart marketing, we can all apply in our businesses.

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Until next time, may your marketing be the best marketing …

Timbo Reid – Marketing Speaker
Host of Australia’s #1 Marketing Show marketing strategies

4 thoughts on “How clever marketing (and a fun name) helped Dr. Snip undertake 20,000+ vasectomies!”

  1. Great Episode Timbo. Wonderful to see a man who enjoys his work. Great insights and learnings as you said. Congratulations on the manful way you sidestepped the vasectomy jokes!!! Enjoy your break and look forward to hearing about Italy.
    Merry Christmas and HNY Mark Noble

  2. Found a great cartoon on the subject, coincidentally the same day that I listned to the podcast. Is there a way that I can send you an attachement?

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