A video marketing strategy with massive SEO implications.

A video marketing strategy with massive SEO implications.

Today’s guest is a council worker. But no ordinary council worker. Uh-uh. Johnathan Reichwald from Frankston in Victoria cleverly used the power of YouTube and some crowd sourced content to knock all the bad stuff about his suburb off page one of Google and replace it with good news stories. I also help a listener take maximum advantage of a guest post blogging opportunity and share some feedback from a listener who’s taking some serious marketing action as a result of this show. Love it!

Before we get into the interview I wanted to remind you of some great guests I have had on the show over the past few weeks, just in case you missed them while you were relaxing over the break:

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So let’s get into my fireside chat with Johnathan Reichwald of Frankston City Council, who decided to help improve the image of his town by introducing a video marketing strategy that brought the Frankston community together and helped to promote the town via Frankston TV. Here’s what we discuss:

  • Why making a video organic is better for business.
  • How a video competition helped with YouTube views, links, and bringing the search engine result to the top.
  • Why you should set up an option for the public to upload videos to a selected space on your site and how it will help promote your business.
  • Why some videos received in the competition were knocked back.
  • How the original concept of their video competition has evolved to help small businesses in the area.
  • How this simple idea has developed into a Channel 31 TV Show.
  • How you can use the community to build your content.
  • What strategy Johnathon used to get past council bureaucracy and get his marketing strategy off the ground.

Watch an episode of Frankston TV here.

View the Frankston TV Investment Attraction video here.

So there you go, make sure you check out Johnathan’s handy work to give yourself some ideas.

Listener question and feedback

  • David Kidston from Hack Architecture asks how to leverage an invitation to be a guest blogger for a leading real estate website, so I share my top 5 ways to take advantage of a guest post blogging opportunity.
  • Several listener questions have been coming through about ‘what is the forum’ so I give a brief explanation on what you will find in the forum including great business tips and ideas to help you grow your business and others grow theirs, Q&A sessions, training videos, webinars, community of likeminded people, and so on. Have you checked out the Small Business Big Marketing Forum? Each week we talk about different marketing and business experiences and help each other solve some interesting problems. Become a Small Business Big Marketing Member here.
  • Claire Fennesy of claybody.com.au is a recent listener and has discovered she can listen and learn while she works and loves it.

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Until next time, may your marketing be the best marketing …

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7 thoughts on “A video marketing strategy with massive SEO implications.”

  1. Thanks Heather. Glad you enjoyed it. Repurposing is definitely a Ninja marketing tactic that is under-utilised. Small business owners definitely need to wake up to this clever / value-add marketing play.

  2. Timbo, can you shed any light on the YouTube uploading software that was used? I have two projects that just big lightbulb moments while you and Johnathon were talking today.

  3. Jonathan Reichwald

    G’day Darryl, we commissioned the upload functionality using a local firm (as is my mantra!) – True Blue Web Sites. We did have the functionality commissioned originally by another firm, but I wouldn’t endorse them. True Blue re-created it and made it better by integrating it with disqus and other social media platforms. It is effectively an ‘off-the-shelf’ solution that they can offer anyone now. Would encourage you to have a chat to Beau Rixon (Director) http://www.truebluewebsites.com.au

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