Funny Business #9: Pop Up Shops, Old School Marketing, and the State of Social Media

Funny Business #9: Pop Up Shops, Old School Marketing, and the State of Social Media

Timbo and AG are at it again! In this episode – the 9th instalment of Funny Business – marketing speaker Tim Reid and best-selling business author Andrew Griffiths discuss how old school marketing tactics still have a big place in small business, the current state of social media, and some great resources for growing your business.

Plus, how pop up shops are changing retail, a great (non-pushy) way to start the sales conversation with your customers, and loads more marketing goodness!

In this session of Small Business Big Marketing, you’ll discover:

  • Is social media going away any time soon?
  • Different strategies for social platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter
  • Using LinkedIn Groups to create and participate in engaging discussions
  • The importance of headlines in being noticed
  • How popup stores are changing the face of retail by giving the little guy a chance to compete
  • Springwise – a great online resource for finding new ideas for your business
  • How to implement a follow up process and stay top of mind so your customers keep coming back
  • How asking questions and educating your customers is a great way to start the sales conversation
  • for helping you get design work done quickly and affordably
  • The club you really DON’T want to be a member of
  • PLUS, Tim has a mini-rant about a very popular “mummy blogger’s” social media strategy! 

Episode Timeline

  • 5.15 – Social media for small business marketing
  • 8.00 – Mamamia’s social media strategy
  • 13.35 – Popup stores and how they’re redefining retail
  • A new idea for getting design changes made quickly and simply
  • 20.10 – Being chased as a consumer – the art of follow up and how your best customers are existing customers
  • 26.30 – Engaging your customers by asking questions and educating them about your products and services
  • 30.45 – Netregistry’s keyword research & strategy service for small business SEO made easy
  • 35.00 – How the movie Anchorman 2 is using clever marketing and newsjacking its way to being one of the biggest movies ever
  • 37.00 – Andrew talks about how the quality of your audience is more important than the size
  • 40.30 – Is there still a place for old school marketing tactics?
  • 47.00 – A club that you really don’t want to be a member of…
  • 55.45 – Listener reviews

Resources and Links Mentioned in this Episode


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Over to you!

Let us know YOUR key takeaways from this episode and how you’re using old school marketing tactics in the comments section below.

11 thoughts on “Funny Business #9: Pop Up Shops, Old School Marketing, and the State of Social Media”

  1. ShayneTilley

    Hey Timbo, Having had the opportunity last year to join you on the show, It’s wonderful to be a part of team showing some support!

  2. Love it, Shayne. Welcome aboard. Who doesn’t need a swift, little design tweak afterall? Its good for the soul!

  3. Kristian Mahony

    Love the Funny Business episodes.. Interesting discussion around retail sales people approaching etc. Griffo hit the nail on the head, it’s about using great questions. My thoughts on the “Hello can I help you” theory is, if you follow that up with a great question like “OK, so what exactly are you looking for? Maybe I can point you in the right direction?” that’s the most important part of the greeting.

    Follow up is so under utilised and invested in, it’s scary!! If businesses just took even half of the amount of focus to build post sale or consultation skills and structure as they do with marketing to new prospects, then conversions would rise dramatically…

    Great Show Timbo

    Kristian Mahony

  4. Kristian Mahony

    Mate, honestly, I think a few things. But the main ones in my experience would be fear of finding out what you don’t want to know, and, lack of perceived ROI. For what it’s worth, any client I work with, this is a cornerstone part of their sales strategy that I implement. “So, now you’ve sold a product, what’s next?” “How to keep talking to your customers” etc

  5. Great episode chaps! Use a CRM to help with your follow ups. It is a discipline, one that should be part of a daily routine. There are many web based CRM’s, the key in terms of selecting a decent CRM for follow up is that it is easy to use, visually simplistic and works across multiple devices eg. if you have some downtime whilst on the road or pre/post meeting you can access your CRM and easily peel off a couple of follow up calls.

  6. Thanks Brendon, I’ve been looking at a few options. Currently trying out Insightly. I like how it integrates with Gmail. Many of them seem to be for big sales teams with lots of bells and whistles a freelancer/consultant would just get bogged down by.

  7. Gentlemen, once again, you don’t disappoint!
    I was listening to the podcast this morning on the way to work and the discussion around a club currently recruiting members really hit home. These miserable people can flatten even the most enthusiastic of us, and I have recently found myself caught in this loop. So, today I am taking action … in the most respectful and friendly way possible, however I have decided that I am not going to let someone hijack the exciting journey I am on!!!
    Also great to see Swiftly getting some love – I was one of the original Beta testers and love how things that I always felt should be easy, actually are!
    Sending lots of marketing love from Sydneyland, Peita

  8. Love it, Peita. Banish all those miserable bastards as of today! Life’s too much and short! Great to hear your love of Swiftly – such an amazingly simple service that solves a big problem for us small business owners.

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