A $60M business in two-years thanks to a one word domain name.

A $60M business in two-years thanks to a one word domain name.

Health.com.au is the first health insurance company to enter the Australian market in more than 36 years. I chat with this start-up’s founder and CEO Andy Sheats about how his team built a $60M business in the space of two years. Andy reveals the importance of a one word domain name and branding for your business, hiring staff who can empathise with your customers, and how to cut through in a crowded market.

PLUS I answer a listener question from a mindfulness therapist on how NOT to sound like a schmuck when talking about what your business does.

In this session of Small Business Big Marketing, you’ll discover:

  • Why small businesses can’t (and shouldn’t try to) build branding over many years in the way that a company like Apple or Amazon might.
  • What makes people choose and, more importantly, stay with a particular brand.
  • What agile methodology is and how it can help your business processes.
  • How to build a strong culture around what your brand stands for.
  • Understanding where your customer is in the buying cycle and customising their online experience around their attitude.
  • How a one word domain name could be a gold mine.
  • Telling your business story in a way that your customers can relate to.
  • How a crowded market is actually a GOOD sign.
  • PLUS, my five tips on how not to sound like a schmuck when describing what you have to offer your clients customers.

Episode Timeline

  • 4.15 Introducing Health.com.au founder and CEO Andy Sheats
  • 13.00 How much is a great domain name worth?
  • 16.30 What health.com.au has achieved in its first two years since launch
  • 22.00 What makes people choose and, more importantly, stick with a particular brand
  • 27.30 Andy’s advice for people tossing up between the 9-5 and going it alone
  • 33.30 Andy’s web conversion strategy tips
  • 38.30 My top five take-aways from my fireside chat with Andy
  • 41.45 Listener question
  • 46.40 Listener reviews on iTunes 

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7 thoughts on “A $60M business in two-years thanks to a one word domain name.”

  1. Casey Stevens

    While listening I went to the website and requested a quote. Very easy to use and very uncomplicated. Love it. Great work

  2. I agree Casey – a refreshingly simple website for an industry that can be known to complicate things. Hopefully the quote was what you expected!

  3. Just thought I would share: I had Swiftly (new sponsor) do a logo fix for me. Man, was it fast. I messed up, and wasn’t clear on things, they gave me back TWO revisions, and it was all done in 45 minutes! Love it.

  4. ShayneTilley

    Hey Nick. As a part of the swiftly team, welcome to swiftly! Really glad you’re happy with your first task.

  5. mcutlerwelsh

    Tim, and others, what do you think about the new domains that will soon be available? E.g. .home .realestate etc. Was on GoDaddy recently and they’re promoting pre-registration. Will these go the same way as .net, or will the availability of single-word domains again reopen a bunch of opportunities?

  6. Personally, I’d stick to the good old trusties, Matt. .com.au if you’re in Australia, .com if you’re in the States or wanting to sell globally etc. The .realestate type TLDs are forgettable and I’m not sure Google will give too much (if any) weight to them in their algorithm.

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