Entrepreneur Dale Beaumont on how to take 3 months off each year!

Entrepreneur Dale Beaumont on how to take 3 months off each year!

How would you like to take 3 months off every year to travel the world with your family? That’s exactly what Dale Beaumont does. Mind you, he works pretty bloody hard for the other 9 months of the year. Dale’s been an entrepreneur since the ripe old age of 19. He’s written 16 best-selling books and founded 3 separate million-dollar businesses. Lean in as I pick Dale’s brain about automating your business, the importance of investing in yourself, and the mindset of success.

Plus I give some examples of “one-percenters” that smart businesses are using right now, and how you can do the same.

In this session of Small Business Big Marketing, you’ll discover:

  • A simple strategy for getting things done
  • The importance of investing in your own success through mentors and coaches
  • When you should start giving back to society
  • The importance of “sharpening your axe” before trying to chop down the tree
  • How to finding out what people really want and give it to them instead of giving them what you think they need
  • Why you should try to productise your services and make yourself redundant
  • Business “one-percenters”: simple, affordable tactics to turbo-charge your small business marketing

Episode Timeline

  • 4.50 Introducing Dale Beaumont
  •  10.45 When to give back – allocating a % of your profit to helping others
  • 17.15 Dale’s planning schedule
  • 19.30 The importance of having coaches and mentors
  • 26.45 Delayed gratification
  • 28.45 Dale’s biggest career mistake
  • 41.30 How Dale built his Business Blueprint program through smart processes
  • 49.45 Productising your business and replacing yourself
  • 53.00 What scares Dale?
  • 58.00 My top three take-aways from Dale’s interview

Dale Beaumont’s Interview Transcription


I suppose the one I most proud of now is Business Blueprint and that’s a program that I run that now assists other business owners to run their business much more effectively and efficiently by embracing some of the latest tools around marketing and also technology so they can, yeah, basically, build a business that works hard so they don’t have to. So that’s the thing that I’m most passionate about now.


So, is that because the current thing in your life or it’s kind of everything else? I know when I cover all those other things that help you get there is because everything else kind of worked to get you there now.

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  1. Dale, thank you so much for sharing. Very inspirational. I must have taken 30 notes into Evernote, on the second listen.

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