Son buys Dad’s business. What happens next is amazing.

Son buys Dad’s business. What happens next is amazing.

Is your business just earning you a wage? Do you feel like you’re trapped in a “job”, when you thought you’d be running the business of your dreams? That was how Glenn Walton’s Brisbane arbory business was until he took over from his dad. But Glenn made some smart marketing moves that grew his website traffic by 860% and saved $30,000 per year on marketing.

Many small business owners find themselves in a situation where their dream business has become a “60-hour grind” instead of the liberating, stimulating life choice they thought they were taking on. If you feel like you’re stuck in your business and need to get some traction, then listen in to my chat with Glenn Walton, owner of Brisbane Tree Experts. Glenn shares how he took his traditional family arborist business and turned it into the thriving enterprise it is today.

Glenn now has six full-time employees and can focus his efforts on what he does best – growing and running the business – leaving the day to day tasks to his team. Glenn reveals the simple marketing strategies he’s using to grow his business exponentially.

PLUS, I give Qantas some free marketing advice, but is it too late?!

In this session of Small Business Big Marketing, you’ll discover:

  • The strategy Glenn introduced that saved $30K per year in marketing costs
  • How Glenn increased his web traffic by 860% in very little time
  • The simple change Glenn made to his business website that dramatically increased conversions
  • Understanding your customers’ buying cycle and taking full advantage by having automated reminders
  • How to use an educational e-book to build trust, stay top of mind, and educate your customers
  • The best way to structure your website so you’re easier to find on Google
  • The importance of clear calls to action on your website (it’s amazing how many people are getting this wrong)
  • How much time each week you should spend on marketing your small business 
  • PLUS Tim gives Qantas a few marketing tips, but is it too late?

Episode Timeline

  • 1.00 Timbo gives Qantas some tips
  • 7.45 Introducing Glenn Walton, owner of Brisbane Tree Experts
  • 15.00 Glenn talks about his relationship with is dad and their difference in mindset
  • 21.30 Glenn’s key learning from going into business with his dad
  • 23.00 The marketing strategies and tactics that Glenn used to grow the business
  • 31.00 How Glenn saved $30K on traditional marketing
  • 40.00 How many hours per week Glenn spends on marketing
  • 44.00 Tim’s top 3 take-aways from this episode

Glen Walton’s Interview Transcription


Ohh… mate, I’ve got pretty big hands and there’s an …  mate. They all have them as big as my hands, so as big as a dinner cloth, I reckon.


No, really?


Oh, I’ve got– well, yeah. In the house, even. Yeah.

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12 thoughts on “Son buys Dad’s business. What happens next is amazing.”

  1. Dale Beaumont

    I have know Glenn for the last few years and he is a top bloke. Great interview.

  2. I can’t wait to here this one! Glen is awesome and a big Flying Solo advocate 🙂 Hey Glen did you tell Tim about the time you had to get the helicopter in ??

    Hey Tim – I see you are doing a webinar on March the 20th with Andrew Griffiths … Do you remember what you we doing that time last year? You were doing the podcast with me (on my birthday ) Obviously March the 20th is designated as your day for creating “exceptionally special gold” 🙂

    Love your work – both of you!!

  3. mcutlerwelsh

    Speaking of Flying Solo, I picked up a brief mention by Glen during this interview. I kept thinking about what it was that gave Glen the confidence and motivation to step out and do things a bit differently. After all, I’m sure they’re plenty of other arborists in Brisbane, why aren’t they doing similar things?

    Could it be that mentoring and networking with like-minds might have been a big part of what gave Glen a leg up?

  4. Glenn Walton

    Hi mate great question,

    I guess it’s like any service industry, where most small business are so busy concentrating on the delivery of their service they forget about the initial contact experience. For me personally I just got sick of letting people down and having to make excuses. That for me was the most important thing to get right. While my onsite team were delivering their excellence we had to then back it up in the office and on the quote.

    Yes mentoring with business and life coaching has given me the confidence to move in the direct that Brisbane Tree Experts was always heading.

  5. mcutlerwelsh

    Cheers Glenn. This resonates with me for two reasons. It’s a great endorsement for life and business coaching. You’re also being a great role model for blokes to ask for help. Not something we’re all terribly good at!

  6. Glenn Walton

    When you realise you can’t do it all and ask for help on whatever level – it takes a massive weight off your shoulders. Enabling you to focus on your business. I can recommend a great life coach if you are interested.

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