179 – You don’t need a business coach, right?

179 – You don’t need a business coach, right?

Ben Fewtrell emailed me recently saying he’d “…be keen to talk about the bad taste in your mouth feeling people feel when Business Coaching is mentioned.” Bring it on, I said!

Ben sold his first successful business in his 20s and went on to become one of Australia’s top business coaches and CEO of award-winning ActionCoach Corporate Australia. In this episode, business coach Ben shares his personal business story and gives some straight shooting marketing advice for small businesses.

Ben and I chat about how you can make your customers feel special (and WHY you need to), how to build rapport with your customers, under-promising and over-delivering, the benefits of hiring a business coach, and one dead simple marketing idea it’s a miracle more businesses aren’t using. 

In this session of Small Business Big Marketing, you’ll discover:

  • A simple marketing strategy it’s amazing more businesses aren’t using!
  • Why you should give your knowledge away for nothing
  • The importance of building relationships with your potential customers
  • How to make your customers feel special and create an experience they remember
  • What “graduating” is and why it’s crucial for growing your business
  • The difference between a “motivational” speaker and an “educational” speaker
  • How a business coach can help grow your business and how to decide whether you need one
  • How to divide responsibilities when you partner with someone in business
  • A simple tip for building rapport with your customers and prospects
  • Why you need to be a business chameleon and change your communication style based on your audience
  • Why under-promising and over-delivering is the key to successful marketing
  • PLUS a story from a recent keynote where an audience member calls me out

Episode Timeline

  • 1.00 I talk about lessons learned from a recent Q&A after one of my keynote speeches
  • 6.00 Introducing today’s guest, Ben Fewtrell and finding out his superpower
  • 13.00 Ben’s first successful business, which he sold in his 20s
  • 19.00 Ben gives some advice for people thinking of partnering in business
  • 21.15 The ActionCoach Australia New Zealand success story
  • 29.00 How Ben gives clients an unforgettable experience
  • 39.00 The one big strategy any business can use to set themselves apart and become experts
  • 46.00 A real world example of using seminars in any business
  • 50.00 My top 4 marketing take-aways from this episode
  • 53.45 Listener reviews 

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3 thoughts on “179 – You don’t need a business coach, right?”

  1. The Million Dollar Diva

    I loved this podcast – I was admittedly dubious at the start about business coaching, but Ben just sounded so passionate about helping other business owners and there was great marketing info throughout the whole podcast

  2. Totally agree, Diva. I too was skeptical when Ben approached me, however, I think he put forward a great case for us all to have a business coach. Plus he provided some marketing gold for us all to action immediately.

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