180 – ‘First Kiss’ video : Behind-the-Scenes with the Creator of the World’s Most Viral Video.

180 – ‘First Kiss’ video : Behind-the-Scenes with the Creator of the World’s Most Viral Video.

The famous (or is it infamous?) First Kiss video has more than 69 million YouTube views at the time of recording this episode, in which I speak with the video’s creator, Melissa Coker of Wren Studios. Melissa reveals how she came up with the idea for First Kiss, the importance of using an emotional connection in your marketing, and how you can use creative ideas and partnerships to make your content go viral.

Okay, so it turns out the video was actually a marketing video, which seemed to disappoint many of the cynics out there. But what clever marketing! Where could you get exposure like this for only $1300 (the budget for the video AFTER it blew out)? Melissa also opens up about the unexpected effect the video has had on her life and the two craziest things that have happened since the video went viral.

In this session of Small Business Big Marketing, you’ll discover:

  • How the First Kiss video has changed Melissa’s business (and life) in unexpected ways
  • The two craziest (personal) things that have happened since the launch of the First Kiss video
  • How creating an emotional connection is crucial to making your marketing interesting AND powerful
  • The biggest asset to your marketing that could be sitting (unused) right under your nose
  • How the success of a creative marketing idea can lead to outcomes “beyond your wildest dreams”
  • The power of video marketing and how to harness it to grow your business
  • The importance of “being different” and how you can use your own individuality to build a memorable brand
  • Why you shouldn’t follow what the big brands are doing (Hint: they’re usually playing catch-up with YOU)
  • What sites like Buzzfeed and Upworthy can teach you about using emotional hooks in your marketing
  • Forming partnerships with other businesses to “piggyback” on new and interesting marketing ideas
  • How the more clever the idea, the less you need to spend on marketing (the First Kiss video was made for $1300!)
  • PLUS, why your website needs to be mobile-friendly right NOW

Episode Timeline

  • 0.45 What I learned about the importance of mobile-friendly websites during a recent trip to Malaysia
  • 6.15 Introducing this episode’s special guest, Melissa Coker
  • 10.00 Melissa shares where to find great ideas for creating content
  • 13.00 Other successful marketing ideas Melissa worked on before First Kiss
  • 19.45 Where did the idea for First Kiss came from?
  • 27.00 I ask for some of the juicy details about the making of the First Kiss video
  • 34.00 What have been the commercial outcomes from the video?
  • 40.00 The two craziest things that have happened since the video’s launch
  • 43.45 My top 3 take-aways from the interview and the questions I FORGOT to ask (tsk tsk Timbo)!
  • 48.30 Anchorman Ron Burgundy drops in to read some listener reviews!

Resources and Links Mentioned in this Episode

Melissa Coker’s Interview Transcription

Listen into Australia’s #1 marketing show as we go behind the scenes with the creator of First Kiss, the world’s most viral video.  Mwah!

Welcome to the Small Business Big Marketing show where successful small business owners share their secrets to take your marketing to the next level.  Now here’s your host Tim Reid. 

G’Day mate, motivated business owner, Timbo Reid here.  Well done to you for joining us inside the movement we lovingly refer to as Small Business Big Marketing, a movement laser focused on helping you grow an amazing business through some very, very smart marketing.  And to that end, let’s get stuck into some marketing gold.

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4 thoughts on “180 – ‘First Kiss’ video : Behind-the-Scenes with the Creator of the World’s Most Viral Video.”

  1. Amazing video, I almost feel like a few relationships may have formed from the experience they let themselves get into the moment so much. Great marketing for Wren, very very well done. cheers Grant

  2. Hey Timbo, long time listener, first time caller. Very awesome of you to host such an insightful interview from a company that is so timely and relevant right now.

    Hi Melissa, also very cool to see you and your brand appear on the SBBM show. Congrats on your success with the video and the impact and conversations it has started. As a smaller California women’s clothing brand like mine it’s inspiring to hear something made with a small budget can reach such a huge audience and level of success as yours has. Thanks for sharing some of your history of marketing yours and other brands as well. Love the Minnetonka collab, such a great American heritage company to partner with.

    If you could offer advice – are your collaboration and joint venture decisions made based solely on the potential reach and visibility the collaboration offers, OR does the financial success come into play too? Both? We’ve been pitched for possible collaborations with other companies before but most times it is we who do most of the leg work like designing, manufacturing, fulfillment, and find the unknown financial gains do not outweigh the work it takes to make the garments. Thanks!


    PS “Emotional Content” made me think of this clip from a movie: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QU9SsTwY5nU

  3. Thanks for the kind words, Jeremy. I’ve past them on to Melissa as well, however, I think she is well and truly inundated with enquiry at present. Re JVs – I think you need to pick a partner that has a strategic relevance to your brand, and personell who are willing to share the workload. Plus go in to the partnership knowing and agreeing on what you both want to get out of it.

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