181 – How to Market to Women with Amanda Stevens.

181 – How to Market to Women with Amanda Stevens.

Are you making any of these mistakes when marketing to women? Women make up 51% of our population, yet most businesses are doing it all wrong when it comes to marketing to them. See, what women really want is to feel heard – and understood (sound familiar?). They’re looking for meaningful long-term relationships with brands. NOT just a quick trade of goods or services. Today I’m joined by Amanda Stevens, who debunks the age old myth that “sex sells” and explains the one HUGE mistake that men make when trying to market to women. Listen in and discover how to market to women.

Amanda is a speaker, writer, and marketing consultant who specialises in helping brands better market to the “80% minority”, as Amanda calls female consumers. She explains why your marketing should be “women first”, the importance of building a relationship with your female customers (if you want them to stick around, that is), and she also blows the lid off some commonly held misconceptions about today’s typical family make-up.

PLUS, I have a rant about how one of my favourite businesses is making one huge mistake with their social media, and how you can avoid making the same mistake.

In this session of Small Business Big Marketing, you’ll discover:

  • Why women are 5x more likely to use word-of-mouth to promote your business
  • Why women are the “80% minority” in marketing
  • How the “traditional” family model now makes up less than 15% of the demographic (and how to use this knowledge for laser-targeted marketing)
  • How to market to both men and women without alienating either group
  • Theone huge mistake men make in sales and marketing interactions with women
  • The different psychological effects problem solving has for men and women
  • Why you SHOULDN’T solve your customers’ problems too quickly!
  • How to make women feel listened to and understood (and why it matters)
  • Why women are predisposed to respond emotionally and how to use this information
  • Why you need to market to a woman’s entire social circle, not just the individual
  • Why there’s a new shift towards the “experience economy” and what you need to do keep up
  • What “word of MOUSE is and how to use it to market your business
  • Why marketing for men and women is not an “either or” proposition
  • The importance of building long-term relationships with your female customers, not going for one-off quickies
  • Does it work? The research results on famous ad campaigns aimed at women, such asDove’s “Real Beauty” campaign
  • Why sex DOESN’T sell (and what does)
  • PLUS, I have a rant about how one of my favourite Aussie businesses is doing social media all wrong

Episode Timeline

  • 5.15 Introducing today’s guest, Amanda Stevens
  • 11.00 How can local businesses market to women as well as men without alienating either group?
  • 19.45 Amanda and I discuss a specific advertisement – the Bonds women’s underwear ad (see the video below)
  • 24.30 Amanda gives examples of brands who are marketing to women well
  • 32.30 Does sex sell?
  • 37.20 Amanda’s parting thought: the marketing mother-lode that’s sitting right under your nose!
  • 39.30 My top 3 take-aways from this insightful chat with Amanda
  • 43.00 Listener reviews

Resources and Links Mentioned in this Episode

Amanda Stevens’ Interview Transcription


Got female customers? Ripper, then you’re in the right place because this episode of Australia’s #1 marketing show is all about how to market to the ladies.

Welcome to the Small Business Big Marketing show where successful business owners share their secrets to take your marketing to the next level.  Now here’s your host Tim Reid. 

G’Day, mate, motivated business owner Timbo Reid here back in the Small Business Big Marketing Studio.  Well done for joining us inside that movement that we do lovingly call Small Business Big Marketing, a movement laser focused on helping you, the motivated business owner grow an amazing business through some really smart marketing.  That’s just what we do around here.

And to that end, let’s get stuck in to some marketing G-O-L-D.

Small Business Big Marketing with Tim Reid.

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6 thoughts on “181 – How to Market to Women with Amanda Stevens.”

  1. I liked this discussion, but wish it could have been longer. Women usually make most of the decisions in the households that buy from us. I particularly liked the discussion of the age segmentation. Very interesting and good to keep in mind. Would love to hear more from her. Thanks Tim!

  2. Oh, I will have to listen again, but the whole topic is fascinating to me. Started a book on the topic a while back, but got sidetracked. We are so different men and women. The fact that they make 80% of the buying decisions is crazy. Not sure it is that high, but probably not far off. Single women households too was another great point. Would want more info on how to reach them, and what to say to build trust. i have had great success with single professional females, but would love more of the business. Kind of a niche for me.
    It has always fascinated me that the guy goes out and makes a bunch of dough, and I talk mainly with the wife. The problem I have with this situation though is when I build a strong report with the lady and then the husband just looks at price. That kills the deal. Not a big percentage of the time, but it happens.
    I do really well with the ladies…in sales! I would just like to reach MORE of them.

  3. Hey Tim great episode! I was surprised when you said you didn’t get tg great customer experience at Lorna Jane and that could mostly be that you’re not their target audience. I am a huge Lorna Jane fa and I think that as a brand they’re selling more than clothes. She’s selling a lifestyle and a philosophy of active living. People, particularly women get inspired by her story and her belief in others.Essentially goes back to the emotive buying and selling you talked about.
    Thanks again for the podcast.

  4. Thanks Jess – and whilst I may not be Lorna Jane’s key target, I may well have been buying for my wife or daughter, so they should have been a little more attentive. Maybe they just thought I was a dirty old man – wouldn’t be the first time!!

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