184 – Celebrating business milestones, switching off, business isolation and a touch of nudity.

184 – Celebrating business milestones, switching off, business isolation and a touch of nudity.

Australia’s best-selling small business author, Andrew Griffiths, joins me for the 10th episode of Funny Business. This time around we’re keeping it upbeat with the theme of celebration. Andrew shares his insights into the importance of celebrating business milestones, of being proud of everything you do in work, and of celebrating your customer relationships.

Plus, we give you some tips on how to avoid becoming isolated in business, and how to switch off from work when your phone won’t stop buzzing. So, let’s get into it! Oh, plus there’s a little bit of nudity thrown in for good measure ;0)

In this session of Small Business Big Marketing, you’ll discover:

  • Why now is a better time than ever to be a small business owner
  • How “pop up stores” can impact positively on other local businesses
  • Why using a “hard sell” approach in webinars is totally ineffective
  • How things happening in your personal life have an impact on business (and how to overcome this)
  • The importance of generating a solid relationship with your consumers or client base
  • How to be your own business barometer
  • Why taking time out to read the business books gathering dust on your shelves is a great idea
  • How you can switch off from work as a small business owner
  • Why isolating yourself in your home office could have a negative impact on your business communication skills
  • The benefits of not checking email too regularly
  • Why it’s essential that you celebrate your business milestones to maintain motivation

Episode Timeline

  • 5.00 What is wrong with so many webinars?
  • 8.00 The boom of pop up stores
  • 15.00 Using Fiverr to create “celebrity” voiceover endorsements
  • 18.40 Be careful of what you reflect in business
  • 27.00 Is it possible to switch off from work as a small business owner?
  • 41.00 How to overcome business isolation
  • 49.00 Celebrating the 200th podcast
  • 55.20 The essential takeaway from this episode: celebrate, celebrate, celebrate

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3 thoughts on “184 – Celebrating business milestones, switching off, business isolation and a touch of nudity.”

  1. Timbo … 200 shows milestone celebration ideas. 200 remarkable tips – 1 from each show. Mention 200 members throughout your 200th show. Less about you, more about your listeners who got you to 200 shows 😉

  2. Nice idea, eatdrink. Quite some work there, though. Maybe I could defer to my listeners to record what their favourite tip has been. Now there’s an idea.

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