187 – How customising your offer can grow your business, with Rozibaby’s Tahir Baig

187 – How customising your offer can grow your business, with Rozibaby’s Tahir Baig

When Tahir Baig’s old university friend, Roshan Ghadamian, dreamed up the idea to offer completely customisable prams online, Tahir recognised an opportunity to ditch the corporate booth for good. The two guys, one a branding expert with an entrepreneurial spirit, the other a risk-averse engineer with an analytical mind, joined forces to create Rozibaby, an online retailer that gives parents the chance to create their own pimped up prams, with over 100,000 possible unique variations.

In my chat with Tahir, he reveals how he overcame his risk-averse nature to become a successful start-up business founder, how customisation has allowed Rozibaby to own a playful and exciting point of difference, and just how important publicity (including a nail biting TV audition) has been for Rozibaby right from its launch.

If you’re somebody with fears about starting in small business, or if you are looking for a way to differentiate yourself from the competition, Tahir has some golden words for you.

PLUS, I reveal the winner of Episode 185’s competition, who gets their mitts on a $159 package from Cactus Skincare!


In this session of Small Business Big Marketing, you’ll discover:

  • How Rozibaby co-founder, Roshan Ghadamian, managed to secure a House Husbands TV appearance for his prams.
  • Why outsourcing publicity to a PR agency can be a smart move for a start-up business.
  • How Google Adwords can be an effective tool for gaining new consumers within a business niche.
  • Why surrounding yourself with positive people is both important in business and in life generally.
  • Why Rozibaby outsource all of their design work work to a single Ukrainian farmer who designs in his spare time.
  • How customisation can be a great tool for establishing a point of difference in the marketplace.
  • Why it is not essential for a business to have every element of its offering perfected before launch day.
  • The steps that online retailers need to take to ensure that customers feel trust in the online buying process.
  • How finding a business partner with complimentary skills can boost your business success.
  • Why even people with risk-averse character traits can become successful entreprenuers.

Episode Timeline

  • 5.30 Can’t catch a break with online marketing? Get it SORTED with Netregistry.
  • 6.30 I share a success story from Small Business Big Marketing forum member, Christian Mahoney, who is making a big splash in Australian retail.
  • 10.00 The beginning of my chat with Tahir Baig, the co-founder of Rozibaby, an online retailer that gives parents the opportunity to pimp their prams.
  • 12.00 The opportunity that comes with offering a customisable product to consumers.
  • 15.00  How Tahir and his business partner, Roshan, created a perfect balance in their working relationship.
  • 22.00 Why Tahir finds it important to surround himself with positive people in a business environment.
  • 23.30 Tahir describes the excitement of selling Rozibaby’s first customisable pram.
  • 34.00 Where the Rozibaby name came from and why the company uses a Ukrainian farmer for all its graphic design work.
  • 36.30 Lessons in assuaging customer fears with a retail business that is 100% online.
  • 40.30 The power of Google Adwords to capture new customers within a business niche.
  • 45.30 Tahir talks publicity, from Rozibaby TV appearances through to online PR.
  • 52.00 Sort out your business’ small design fixes with Swiftly.com.
  • 53.00 My top five learnings from chatting with Tahir.
  • 55.00 I announce the winner of the $159 Cactus Skincare voucher!

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2 thoughts on “187 – How customising your offer can grow your business, with Rozibaby’s Tahir Baig”

  1. I fully agree with the people around you saying yeah best of luck but really meaning “Slip on a Banana loser” . If everyone around you is not able to visualise a better way then they will never support you.
    Glad to see Tahir realise this was he’s chance to take the plunge. That takes guts which most people dont have.
    Timbo you found some gold again and maybe a new career as pram designer. AC for prams is a winner.

  2. thefatbadger

    I agree with you Phill. It takes a lot fo courage and believe in an idea to wade through the doubters and negative comments…often I belive which are said from a position of jealousy rather than a well considered business opinion.

    I think their would be a lot more innovation if everyone was far more positive. What ever happened to the great Australian tradition of ‘havin’ a go’ ?

    Hearing about the ukrainian farmer reminded me of previous episodes (here at SBBM and Freedom Ocean??) About the power of story telling. The farmer story is something that stays in your memory because it’s different to what people would expect.

    The discussion re Google Adwords is a good reminder for people to experiment with it further….$5 – $10 per clicked ad can seem expensive but depending on your profit margin and conversion rate it can seem very affordable, even cheap!

    Also interesting to note that Rozibaby is following me around the net after I clicked on their site….while this type of marketing is becoming more common i still find it fascinating….

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