188 – This multi-million dollar business relies 100% on door to door sales, with BioSolar’s Leigh Storr.

188 – This multi-million dollar business relies 100% on door to door sales, with BioSolar’s Leigh Storr.

At the age of 31, you’d be forgiven for thinking that Leigh Storr, the founder of green installation company, BioSolar, is just starting out in the world of entrepreneurship and small business. In fact, this week’s interviewee has been a motivated self starter who has identified lucrative business opportunities since he was just a nipper of 14 years old!

Between setting up Battle of the Bands competitions, running installation businesses, and eventually starting his own company in the green space, Leigh has already gained a lifetime of business experience. And what’s Leigh’s business superpower? An ability to take action when it is needed, combined with advanced sales skills, plus the talent of making everyone around him as passionate about his ventures as he is.

But BioSolar is an installation business with a difference. In this episode, Leigh will share why BioSolar uses 100% door to door sales and marketing. No letter drops, no ads in the local paper, just face to face communication with customers. It  might sound terrifying, but Leigh really demonstrates that your business doesn’t have to fit the typical mould and with a little outside-the-box thinking, you can create a small business that makes a massive impact. Let’s get into it!


In this session of Small Business Big Marketing, you’ll discover:

  • How BioSolar owner, Leigh Storr, has established a multi million dollar business using 100% door to door sales and marketing.
  • Why Leigh believes that success in business hinges absolutely on sales ability.
  • How Leigh started his very first business when he was just a teenager.
  • Why in business, and particularly in sales, that it is essential not to carry rejection with you.
  • Why door to door marketing is a great method of capturing the complete attention of the customer.
  • How Leigh managed to secure the prime minister for the launch event of BioSolar.
  • How a raw food cafe, a yoga studio, and an onsite gym have created passionate employees at the BioSolar offices.
  • The benefits of following your gut instinct, even when you are in posession of hard data.
  • Why there is no use in being a motivated idiot – business people have to demonstrate skills in order to succeed.
  • The importance of thinking differently in order to find lucrative business opportunities.
  • Why studying business will only get you so far. To succeed in business, you need to try, fail, and then try again.

Episode Timeline

  • 4.45 Having trouble with your online marketing? Get it SORTED with Netregistry.
  • 5.30 Introducing this week’s guest, BioSolar owner, Leigh Storr.
  • 7.45 What is Leigh’s entrepreneurial super power?
  • 8.45 We chat through Leigh’s first ever business, which he started at the young age of 14.
  • 13.00 The importance of following your gut instinct in business.
  • 15.30 Leigh’s experience of studying for a Bachelors degree in Business Entrepreneurship.
  • 19.00 Why Leigh feels that sales is the most crucial element of business.
  • 22.00 The benefits of using a 100% door to door sales technique.
  • 25.00 Leigh reveals some of the stranger people that he has encountered duting the door to door sales process.
  • 27.00 How the rug got pulledout from underneath Leigh’s former business, and where the idea for BioSolar came from.
  • 37.30 How is it possible to inject your own personality into a business?
  • 44.45 The importance of promoting a healthy work/life balance for your employees.
  • 48.00 Gaining the complete attention of the customer with door to door sales.
  • 51.00 Let Swiftly.com take care of your small design fixes.
  • 52.30 My top 3 takeaways from my chat with Leigh.
  • 55.00 I tackle some of your listener feedback.

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7 thoughts on “188 – This multi-million dollar business relies 100% on door to door sales, with BioSolar’s Leigh Storr.”

  1. Phill_NOTGV

    Leigh Needed a double episode to fully explain his story.
    Lots of gold in there. The question is will I put any gold into action?

  2. Tristan Lovell

    Love it Love it Love it….. This is a special one for me. Gave me a new focus on sales which is so important to grow any business. Time to sharpen the skills.

  3. You’re a machine, Phill. Remember the energy you’re putting in to this now, so that you can draw on it down the track when you’re feeling less motivated.

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