190 – A live Q&A full of small business marketing gold, from the Westpac Small Business Innovation Forum.

190 – A live Q&A full of small business marketing gold, from the Westpac Small Business Innovation Forum.

Have I got an extra special episode for you today, or what? Brought to you from the Westpac Small Business Innovation Forum (#WestpacBizForum), this time  round I was lucky enough to be joined by a couple of my former guests AND, for the very first time, a live studio audience. Podcast 190 sees the return of  Miss Chu, the undisputed Queen of rice paper rolls, and Braaap’s Brad Smith, a fiercely motivated entrepreneur who has changed the landscape of Australian motorcycle manufacturing.

With a mass of people in front of us, Miss Chu, Brad, and I did our darndest to answer the queries, questions, and ponderings of the audience who wanted to know everything from how to inject a sense of fun into a legal practice through to what it takes to overcome business failures. We also addressed common misconceptions of small business, like the myth that it’s difficult to secure press for your start-up brand, or that it is harmful to give away your business secrets.

Let’s get stuck into it, shall we?


In this session of Small Business Big Marketing, you’ll discover:

  • How you can take the element of risk away for your customers.
  • Why video is the most powerful form of content and how it can help your business.
  • The pros and cons of creating your marketing ideas and strategy yourself vs. outsourcing.
  • How Miss Chu brands her failures, turning a negative into a positive.
  • Why sharing secrets with your customers is an honest and generous move that will create great customer relationships.
  • Why being helpful is so important when you have a business in the service industry.
  • How having a long term vision will drive you to succeed each and every day in your business life.
  • How to secure free publicity in magazines, newspapers, and online without a PR agency.
  • Why attaching mesaurements to marketing activities can help to ensure a positive outcome.
  • And, the importance of laughter in business life.

Episode Timeline

  • 1.00 I introduce my guests, Brad Smith from Braaap, and Miss Chu fro, err, misschu!
  • 2.00 I ask Brad and Miss Chu what the most exciting part of marketing their business is.
  • 3.20 We talk over the importance of developing an emotional attachment with customers and “self anointing” before you even succeed.
  • 5.00 Miss Chu talks beating failure by branding failure, and Brad gives an insight into his “determination + desperation” ethos.
  • 10.00 Brad shares how simply being helpful will enable your business in the service industry to grow.
  • 11.30  I share why I believe that video is the richest form of content.
  • 16.30 Putting laughter at the heart of your brand (and your life!)
  • 18.45 Brad and Miss Chu feel that having a long term vision is essential. Ideas are easy, the execution is genius.
  • 25.00 Why it can be a great idea to brand and market yourself.
  • 30.00 Brad believes in taking the risk away from the consumer by providing them with a great offer.
  • 32.30 Whether to create your marketing ideas yourself or to outsource them. Also, the great benefits of thinktanking your marketing activity.

Resources and Links Mentioned in this Episode


Brad Smith Interview Transcription

Ready for some business inspiration? Ripper! Then listen in as I take the stage at a recent Westpac Innovation Forum with Young Entrepreneur of the Year Brad Smith and Miss Chu, founder of Australia’s fastest growing Vietnamese takeaway.

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9 thoughts on “190 – A live Q&A full of small business marketing gold, from the Westpac Small Business Innovation Forum.”

  1. I would happily share a long flight sitting in between Miss Chu and Mr Braaaaap. It would be one entertaining flight. Loved the format, great show

  2. stuart russell

    I realised how dedicated you have to be to achieve success as an entrepreneur when Brad Smith said he’d turned Vegan so that he could save the energy of digestion and reduce his sleep by 3 hours a night !! Talk about dedicated…Pie anyone ??

  3. Thanks Rosie. She certainly is. I’ve been touring around Australia with her recently and she has an amazing story to tell, that’s for sure. And boy, does she tell in her own way!!

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