192 – TV star, David Reyne, shares his transition from the small screen to Real Estate.

192 – TV star, David Reyne, shares his transition from the small screen to Real Estate.

Have you ever wondered what became of the television personalities that you loved from the decades gone by? Well, if they were anything like David Reyne, host of Getaway, The Morning Show, and actor on The Flying Doctors, and drummer for 80’s rock sensation The Chantoozies, they would have become entrepreneurial Real Estate experts.

It’s difficult to sustain a career in the public eye for a long time, and although David Reyne did a pretty amazing job of it, he smartly recognised when it was time to get out and look into different ventures. And so he turned to his passion for property and presented a Real Estate agency with an incredible marketing idea that they just couldn’t turn down.

Now David works in property full-time at Aqua Real Estate in Mount Eliza, Victoria and shares his many learnings about his time in the business in the latest episode. If you have fear about changing your career path or you doubt your own entrepreneurial spirit, David has some golden words for you.

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In this session of Small Business Big Marketing, you’ll discover:

  • How to better your competition when you are interviewing somebody
  • Why entrepreneurship is not a fixed term but comes in all shapes, sizes, and guises.
  • Why it is essential that you seize opportunities when they come your way.
  • How David Reyne managed to steer his career from TV personality, musician, and actor, to successful Real Estate entrepreneur.
  • Why getting to the core of what the client wants is essential business practice.
  • Why having a mix of creativity and business skills is a stellar combination.
  • How being passionate about your work will lead you on the path to business success.
  • Why going the extra mile to create winning customer service will make people remember your company
  • How you can get heaps of new marketing ideas for your business on the new section of the Small Business Big Marketing forum – The Mine.

Episode Timeline

  • 2.00 I share my thoughts on how those Yanks get customer service absolutely right.
  • 5.30 The folks over at Netregistry are hosting a digital marketing workshop in Melbourne on August 14th – make sure you sign up.
  • 7.00 I introduce a brand new section of the Small Business Big Marketing Forum – The Mine.
  • 10.00 More info about the live 200th episode of Small Business Big Marketing.
  • 11.00 I begin my chat with this week’s guest, Australian television personality and Real Estate expert, David Reyne.
  • 17.00 David tells us about the 3 Bs – Belonging, Behaviour, and Belief.
  • 18.00 What exactly is an entrepreneur anyway?
  • 19.00 David talks through some of the difficulties he has faced in getting his great ideas to fruition.
  • 23.00 David and I share the idea that enjoying your work is imperative to achieving business success.
  • 26.00 I grill David on his transition from loved television personality to Australian Real Estate expert.
  • 33.00 David talks charm and likeability and if they are at odds with the Real Estate niche.
  • 39.00 Uh-oh. David goes to town and critiques my interviewing techniques.
  • 48.30 Sort out your business’ small design fixes with Swiftly.com.
  • 49.00 My top 3 takeaways from my chat with David Reyne.

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13 thoughts on “192 – TV star, David Reyne, shares his transition from the small screen to Real Estate.”

  1. Hi Timbo,

    Great episode!!!

    When I first heard you were having him on I was worried it would all be a self-promotion
    to try and get people to go to his real estate business. But it turns out it
    isn’t even his business and he is still learning his way through it.

    I love that you discussed so many other things that and that although he wasn’t
    the normal sort of guess that you would get on he still definitely had gold
    that we can learn from.

    Thanks again


  2. Thanks Ben. I knew from the outset that David wasn’t my typical guest. However, I also knew he’d be very open and share some great business insights.

  3. Great fireside chat, Tim. David’s openness and willingness to talk about his challenges was really refreshing.

    Looking forward to 200th episode!

  4. Thanks Damien. I love it when people in the public eye are willing to be so honest band transparent. For some reason, we the viewer, expect something different. IU wonder why?

  5. James Sleight

    Hi Timbo, what a great episode and indeed what a great podcast. It’s like attending a business seminar as I drive to work and often leaves me champing at the bit to do my best work.

    I do have one little bit of constructive criticism though. I am a children’s magician and the constant struggle in my business like any small business is to stand out from the crowd and make my show different. The kiss of death is to just look the same as any other show and become a generic commodity competing on price. I often feel sad when I see another local entertainer using my lines or routines as I know where that leads for them as well as me.

    So here is where you come in Timbo. At the end of this episode you asked Dave the question “What question haven’t I asked you?”. Well one of my other favourite podcasts is Preneurcast with Pete Williams and at the end of each episode he asks his guests this question. I don’t know if it’s his but when I heard you say it my first thought was “Oh no don’t tell me my favorite podcasts are starting to sound generic too now”. Timbo I know you don’t need to copy anything as you are a very talented man so I just wanted to remind you of one of your own messages. Avoid what the others are doing and strive to be different because we need your podcast to keep mining that gold Timbo. Thanks again,

  6. thefatbadger

    Hey Timbo,

    I love the everyday observations you occasionally make at the start of the show; on this occasion you’re story about the valet parking in the U.S. caught my attention.

    You mentioned that due to the delay, about 25mins, in your car being made available you decided not to tip the valet attendant. After failing to receive a tip he then muttered some less than polite comment in your direction which you understandably found rude and inappropriate.

    What you didn’t mention was whether you provided any feedback to the valet attendant as to why you didn’t provide a tip?

    Now I know that not all people take constructive feedback well, but perhaps he had no idea why a tip wasn’t forthcoming on this occasion?

    While I think we as customers have a right to great service, do we not also have an obligation to provide feedback so that those in service roles can correct bad habits or fine tune their skills?

    Interesting to hear what other listeners think?

  7. The best thing I loved about this episode is that he kept saying yes to everything that kept coming his way. His career took so many different turns and he just rolled with it.


  8. thefatbadger

    It’s a challenge in business to keep yourself from saying ‘yes’ to everything that comes along. It can be very distracting from your main goal.
    The problem is knowing when to take advantage of opportunities outside your previously determined course and go with it.
    It’s these kind of decisions which sort the winners from those that come second.
    Note that I didn’t say ‘losers’… Anyone who takes a shot at their dream business is a winner regardless of success or otherwise.

  9. mcutlerwelsh

    Timbo, thanks for another great episode. As a podcaster myself, I particularly liked the analysis of what makes a good interviewer. Keen on more content like this. You’ve talked a lot about the importance of story telling. How do you as an interviewer, draw a good story out of your guests?

  10. Good point, Fat Badger. I love providing feedback and I often do. On that occasion, time was of the essence and I wanted to keep moving. I love giving and receiving feedback. How the hell can we all improve without it ? ;0)

  11. I can assure you, james, I’m not copying Pete. Maybe it’s the other way round? ;0) Actually, he’s a good mate and lives just up the road, so maybe we channel each other. I do know Pete often owners why my show always outranks his – we had that conversation recently and he put it down to the personality I inject in to it. I tend to ever-so-humbly agree. I’m not the smartest marketer going around, but I do like to simplify things and present them in an engaging way. Oh, and ask interesting questions of my guests ;0) Thanks for tuning in, Dave … Now, a question for you. How do you pull a rabbit out of a hat?

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