200 – It’s episode 200 of Australia’s #1 marketing podcast. And I’m joined by a very special guest. Very special!

200 – It’s episode 200 of Australia’s #1 marketing podcast. And I’m joined by a very special guest. Very special!

It’s the big 200th episode! If you’ve been listening this whole time, thank you, and if you’ve just joined us, welcome to our little community that revels in marketing GOLD for the motivated small business owner. And boy oh boy, along the way, I sure have learned a lot about marketing and small business myself, and I’ve had the opportunity to interview some of the most astoundingly talented marketers on the face of the planet.

But this episode of Australia’s #1 marketing podcast is extra special because I’m joined by the guy who started it all with me from Episode 1 – Luke “Lukey” Moulton. The man is a self confessed online and mobile marketing geek, and throughout the episode we take a trip down memory lane and reminisce about some of our favourite guests, experiences, and learnings from the show.

We also get into some great learnings about Facebook ads, the power of mobile, and the importance of owning a niche. Let’s do this, team!


In this session of The Small Business Big Marketing Show, you’ll discover:

  • My greatest learnings from 200 episodes of the Small Business Big Marketing podcast.
  • Why if you are not investing in Facebook ads, you should probably start today.
  • Why virality is not all about great products and services – you have to think outside of the box.
  • Which marketing book Lukey thinks you can’t live without.
  • How re-marketing can help bring people back to your website and secure purchases.
  • Why conversion rate optimisation is the new black.
  • All about the power of operating within a niche – you don’t need to be a Jack of all trades.
  • Why I got a little misty when watching the First Kiss youtube video, and the power of harnessing that raw emotion in marketing.
  • Why experts love to share their knowledge.

Episode Timeline

  • 2.00 I begin looking back over 200 episodes and introduce the guy who was there right at the beginning, Luke Moulton, aka Lukey.
  • 5.00 We get into Facebook ads and why they are more powerful than ever before.
  • 12.30 We pay homage to our long term sponsors, Netregistry. They can get your online marketing sorted!
  • 14.00 Reflections on the life of Robin Williams and what we can learn from him in business – be a character.
  • 19.00 Sharing old content and the power of evergreen.
  • 20.00 Me and Lukey reminisce about some of our favourite episodes from the past, including an interview with an adult bookshop owner.
  • 26.00 Why people love to share their expertise and information.
  • 27.00 Quality, quality, quality. Great business comes down to great quality.
  • 30.00 We talk gaining social media exposure, or as I like to call it, Word of Mouse – geddit??
  • 34.00 Lukey shares a great read with us – “Contagious” by Jonah Berger.
  • 36.00 Me and Lukey talk about virality ad how things become popular – even if the product or service isn’t that amazing.
  • 43.00 You can get small design fixes completed in less than an hour with Swiftly.com
  • 45.00 I drop a few hints about a new sponsor of the show – all will be revealed in the next episode.
  • 47.00 Luke exposes his inner geek and tells us all about re-marketing.
  • 54.00 Choosing the right ads for your branding and advertising to increase conversions.
  • 55.00 The power of owning a niche.

Resources and Links Mentioned in this Episode


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52 thoughts on “200 – It’s episode 200 of Australia’s #1 marketing podcast. And I’m joined by a very special guest. Very special!”

  1. Congratulations Timbo and Lukey. Can’t wait to listen to the episode tonight…

  2. So fun to hear you guys back together. Just a suggestion, but I would be nice to have him on once a quarter to talk tech like he did today…Facebook, auto responders, mobile marketing (his new niche). He mentioned that there were some ways to add the Opt-in piece to the website and was wondering if he had some recommendations to look into.

    My favorite idea you shared though was on the tail end of the Robin Williams chat: Gotta have more FUN in business. I couldn’t agree with you more. When we are having fun, it is contagious. Customers want to do business with us. Vendors want to refer us. And life is just better.

    Thanks again for 200 great episodes!

  3. Hey Nick, thanks for the feedback.

    I think you’re referring to the mobile friendly registration forms? There are a couple of options. Unbounce.com is a quick and (kinda) easy way to set them up. Their forms will hook into MailChimp (my email platform of choice).

    There’s also a landing page WordPress theme call Optimizepress.com.


  4. Sarah Spencer-Matthews

    What a nice surprise to hear Lukey Lukey Lukey again. Great see the chemistry is still there. I liked hearing the lessons from previous episodes too. Quite intrigued by your story re the Burger Guy – i wonder how his following got started?

  5. Thanks Luke! I’ll check them out. Was that you I saw in the forum today? You should pop in more often. There’s marketing GOLD all over the place. 😉

  6. Got in the car after a late one, couldn’t face the radio (rural living) put the SBBM magic button to go and nearly drove off the road when I heard “Lukey, Lukey, Lukey!”. Been listening since ep1. Great to hear it again. You both rock more than geology! Keep it up and congrats on 200 Timbo!!

  7. Yes, always good to hear the dulcet tones of Cool hand Luke. And I’ll do my best to get us all an interview with the burger guy from Queenstown. We all need to know how he does it, Sarah.

  8. Thanks Scott. And a big thanks for listening in since episode 1. That’s no mean feat! I think you need to get out more ;0)

  9. Great episode boys, I think this might be one that I have to listen to again and this time take some notes as there was heaps of great ideas in there.

    Oh and Timbo a big congratulations on making it to 200, you know I love your work, but I think what I like most is you put your money where your mouth is (is that the right saying, maybe not). You constantly say that you have to be consistent with your content and put it out there at the same intervals that you get your audience use to, and mate, rain, hail or shine each week you always put an eposoide up which is just brilliant.

    Listening to you guys today didn’t actually feel like I was listening to a podcast, it felt more like the 3 of us were just at a bar having a drink or in the backyard at BBQ and you guys were just having a chat and I was just listening in, it was so relaxed and carefree, I just loved it, I actually think you should have just kept going and made it a 2 hour episode.

    But now, on a sadder not I’m sorry to say I did not like the way it ended and think I may have to round up the folks and stage a bit of an intervention. I’m sorry Luke and Tim, but how on earth are we meant to now wait until number 400 comes around, just so we can hear from Luke again. Episode 400 will likely come in 2018, and yes I’m sure there will be plenty to talk about then, but come on Timbo, we need him back before then.

  10. John Bellingham

    Hi Tim,

    Great episode, and since i wasn’t a listener when show 80 was around, it’s my first earful of Luke. There’s obviously a natural rapport between you both, and sounded like you both enjoyed the catch-up as much as I did, listening to it.

    Does Luke now have his own podcast? I’d be interested in having a pop at that too… there’s always room on my iphone for another SBBM’ish weekly digest.

    Just also want to say congratulations on the 200 landmark, and that over the last 12 months or so, your podcast has become my number 1 listen each week; great content, great delivery style. Btw, I listen to approx 25 podcasts each week from my home, in sunny Scotland.

    If I may suggest possible guests; I never tire of Sir Ken Robinson or Rory Sutherland, they’re great value.

    Keep up the great content, thanks!

  11. Ben Fewtrell

    Congrats on 200 Shows Timbo! Consistency is the key to success and 200 shows is a great milestone to achieve. Keep the gold flowing…

  12. Thanks for the kind words, John. I’m honoured to be one of 25 weekly podcasts. Wow, that’s a lot of podcasts. Now, how do we get the rest of the world consuming at that rate?! Lukeee doesn’t have his own podcast, yet. I’ll encourage him to do so. And thanks for the other interviewee suggestions – I’ll look in to them. Cheers … Timbo.

  13. LOL, thanks Ben! I’ll see what I can do in prying Lukeee away from his tools and back in to the SBBM HQ. Maybe episode 390 or so ;0)

  14. There’s the normal level of fun for a SBBM pocast, and then there was the obvious rapport you two share. That episode felt similar to the way I talk with my friends…very Australian.

  15. John Bellingham

    Hi Timbo,

    Thanks for taking the time to reply – refreshing!

    As for getting more people to up their audible-intake, here’s my tip; start and end every single day with a podcast / audiobook (that’s you at 14 straight away) – it’s my daily ritual, I don’t even think about it any more, I listen to my 1st one before I even get out of bed – then, during the working week, listen to 1 or 2 in the office, car or gym… before you know it, you’re well over 20+.

    I really want to start my own podcast, I just need to find some charisma and emotion (from somewhere!) to convey to potential listeners, something my dulcet Scottish tones don’t deliver, not like someone of your ilk. 🙂

    I’m off to the gym now, listening to Charles Duhigg’s – The Power of Habit”


  16. James Tappenden

    Great to hear Lukeyy back on the mic! Congrats on 200 great eps Timbo! 🙂

  17. Yes, he’s a great man, Tappo, is the old Lukeee. Got a wonderful head for podcasting, as well ;0) Great to meet your better half at the Jim’s event last week, as well.

  18. James Tappenden

    It was good to get a techy SBBM fix while enjoying the banter again.
    and yes, my much better half 🙂

  19. Congrats on the 200th Timbo and when I saw the email come through I was hoping like mad it would be a blast from the past Lukeee and it sure was. i’m very stoked! good luck to you both and lets hope you hit the 400th episode before the end of the year! no pressure! cheers Grant Kennedy We Shoot Buildings

  20. Ha ha. Thanks Grant. Yes, it was good to have the old boy back in SBBM HQ. Thanks for playing your part over the years – I appreciate your support. See you inside the inner circle some time soon ;0)

  21. “You both rock more than geology!” …. you know Timbo’s going to pinch that Scott. It’s up there with “bring a tear to a glass eye” and “Mick Jagger told me never to drop names”. 🙂

  22. I enjoyed this episode a lot Tim and Luke. I really have not known what to say. I have been listening since the beginning of pruning last year, and it has changed my whole mind set on things. And it is all thanks to this little podcast. Struggling for the right words, but 2 come to mind often. Thank You

  23. John Bellingham

    Online marketing strategies, your experiences (successes & failures), Google PPC, Facebook PPC, Email marketing, LinkedIn PPC, Copywriting, Business growth strategies…

  24. James Tappenden

    Thank _you_
    I enjoy your podcast guest appearances around the place 🙂

  25. Jazmin Jackson

    Lukeee lukee lukee!! Hah, love it! Great to have Luke’s insider tips back on the show. Is there a possibility of doing occasional Lukey-guest podcasts like you do with Griffo? Listened to this episode walking the dog with a stupid grin on my face, trying not to laugh from your banter. Congrats on the 200th episode Timbo. Thanks again for all your effort in putting these valuable eps for us!

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