202 – How to get booked solid in three months.

202 – How to get booked solid in three months.

When Lindsay Spencer-Matthews suffered a breakdown in his thirties, it was clear that something was wrong. But this enabled him to refocus his life and career, study to become a psychologist, and open a booming psychology practice. In fact, Lindsay explains exactly how he managed to get booked solid within just three months of opening shop.

In this week’s fireside chat, Lindsay also shares how he managed to influence decision makers and get past the Dobermans to book out his practice, his strategies for maximising the use of his time, and how he has reduced his patient no-shows from 3.5 per day to 1.8 per week. We manage to fit in more than a couple of Dad jokes along the way.

PLUS I give a listener seven ideas for thanking referrers for their business.

PLUS I share how to get amazing designs done through 99Designs using this exclusive listener offer.

Let’s get started with episode 202 of Australia’s #1 marketing podcast.


In this session of Small Business Big Marketing, you’ll discover:

  • Why it is so important to “lean in” to whatever you are doing.
  • How to manage your time more effectively and achieve great results.
  • Why you need to identify the decision makers in order to “get past the doberman”.
  • How Lindsay changed his career after suffering a breakdown in his thirties.
  • Why thanking your customers is a great idea, but your thank you needs to be heart felt.
  • How narrowing your choices can make you a happier person.
  • How Lindsay managed to solidly book his psychology practice within 3 months of opening.
  • How Lindsay was able to stop “no-shows” from damaging his psychology practice.

Episode Timeline

  • 2.00 My life outside of podcasting as a keynote speaker.
  • 4.45 Netregistry can help you to grow your business online.
  • 6.00 I answer a listener question about the best way of thanking customers.
  • 10.00 Get access to 800,000 designers over on 99designs.com
  • 12.00 Introducing psychologist, Lindsay Spencer Matthews, as well as some pretty embarrassing Dad jokes.
  • 15.00  Lindsay was a salesperson and didn’t study psychology until he was 36.
  • 16.30 When Lindsay had a breakdown and was struck by an epiphany that led him into psychology.
  • 24.00 The power of narrowing your choices and leaning in.
  • 28.30 Business can’t just be emotional – you need to put some commercial checks in place.
  • 31.00 Lindsay’s strategy for “getting past the doberman”.
  • 43.30 Issues with compliance and promoting yourself as a psychologist.
  • 46.30 There are only 24 hours in a day, but Lindsay manages to use his time very effectively.
  • 52.00 Ways that Lindsay has reduced his number of no show patients dramatically.
  • 56.30 My top three learnings from my fireside chat with Lindsay.

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14 thoughts on “202 – How to get booked solid in three months.”

  1. David Cunnington

    Great podcast. Really like Lindsay’s approach. As a medical practitioner I have the same marketing restrictions as Lindsay, but they don’t stop us from focussing on giving great service. It’s so important to use letters communicating with referrers or other health professionals as an opportunity to add value and provide education. This enables delivery of better healthcare and outcomes for clients, as well as positioning your name / practice as a ‘helpful business’. A win win.

  2. David Patterson

    Another great podcast Timbo. Loved the talk about leaning into the business. Got some great take aways from the interview. The importance of referrals is a good reminder. You can focus too much on the “modern” marketing and sometimes forget about the importance of a referral.

  3. John Bellingham

    1. “Lean in”… I like it! I need to start ‘leaning in’ in a few areas…
    2. Text reminders resulting in a reduction of no-shows by about 90%… why is everyone (in the appointments business) not doing this?? Smart thinking…
    3. My Dad joke: (my two daughters would cringe if they read this!)
    Patient: Doctor, you need to help me, I feel like a pair of curtains!
    Doctor: Well pull yourself together!


    Another great episode Timbo… cheers!

  4. Old school rocks, David. But so does new school. I think both forms of marketing compliment each other magnificently. Any business that embraces both – some networking, maybe some direct mail plus a solid online footprint – should see some solid results. Thanks for tuning in.

  5. Thanks David I agree. In the early stages of my private practice I heavily relied on personal ‘sales’ visits and essentially making referrers aware of my services and how I approach therapy. Excellent customer service was also something I strived for too. Since then i have built a basic website for my practice but now that i am expanding into Key Note Speaking I am exploring more ‘modern’ marketing to get better reach.

  6. Yes David you nailed it the ‘helpful business’ was what I try to deliver (even if I hadn’t labelled it that consciously myself). I figure if your business has the need to write letters to your referrers (whether it be mandatory or not) then you may as well do a professional job and do it well. Thanks for your feedback.

  7. Thanks John for your comments. Whilst the text reminders are a bit of a hassle at times it just becomes part of your business process. It also helps personalise your relationship with clients. Love your Dad joke – i think Tim and I could have pulled out a few more – some may be quite relieved though that time did not permit!

  8. John Bellingham

    Hi Lindsay, thought I’d share this with you…

    I just set up automated software to send out email and SMS text reminders for my daughter’s business (she’s a Personal Trainer). It’s dead easy to set up and get started… and works a treat!

    I’m sure there are lots of choices out there, but the one I used is called ‘Setmore’; you can easily sign up and get sorted here: http://www.setmore.com (You can start with a free account, just to make sure it does what you want it to do).

    This should remove any manual effort that you have just now – the scheduler takes care of it all for you, provided of course you set up your customer details properly with email address and mobile phone number, cheers!

  9. Learnings

    – Lean in
    – Just keep swimming
    – Small business has an advantage over big, time to spend getting personal
    – If you want to do something, get up an hour earlier
    – Time expands and contacts to fill the time alloted. Peter principle?
    – ‘Go get em team ‘ (loved how you said this right at the end of the show, spoke personally to me, I replied out loud, “OK Timbo”)

    Thanx Lindsay and Timbo

  10. Leanne Isaacson

    I have just listened to this podcast – lean into it and “just keep swimming” really got into my head. When times are tough this is what just has to be done. Thanks Timbo and Lindsay – great work 🙂

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