254 – How to increase turn over by 21%, reduce wages by 90% … all in 12-months. Boom!

254 – How to increase turn over by 21%, reduce wages by 90% … all in 12-months. Boom!

In less than 12-months, David Warne (owner of Sydney Tall Ships) has slashed his wages bill by 90% (and it was a decent sized wages bill), increased turn over by 21%, and is now living the la vita loca with his family in The Philippines.

David first appeared on The Small Business Big Marketing Show way back in episode 157, when he shared his inspirational journey from being broke to building an iconic Australian business. But running that business out of his George Street, Sydney office simply became way to expensive, so he looked for a better way of doing it.

So just over 12-months ago he took a business tour to The Philippines where, on day two, everything changed. David had an epiphany. He called his wife Alison, who joined him two days later, and three week’s later he had begun the process of moving his business and shortly after, his family, over to Clarke – a city just outside of Manilla. 12-months down the track, the Sydney Tall Ships business is up 21% in turnover with a wages bill that’s been cut by 90%!

Now, this is not  a story of why and how to move your business to The Philippines. This is a story that acknowledges that we live in a global economy, and that no matter what size your business, you can take advantage of what this significant shift means.

David and Alison have now set up Rocking The Boat Tours, a business focussed on showing Australian business owners how to reduce the cost of running their business by outsourcing to The Philippines.

Listen in with an open mind, and maybe I’ll see you on a tour some time in the future. I’m actually attending the one on September 21, 2015.





00:31  Welcome & overview
02:01  Reminder that the Forum Membership fee is on the rise
02:52  Insights in to Netregistry & 99Designs
04:59  Today’s guest introduction – David Warne of Sydney Tall Ships
06:55  Interview with David Warne
44:39  My top 3 marketing learnings fro my chat with David
48:13  Motivational marketing quote of the week
48:31  Wrap-up and insights in to next week’s guests





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My first interview with David Warne of Sydney Tall Ships

David & Alison Warne’s Rocking The Boat Tour to The Philippines

David’s outsourcing discussion group on LinkedIN

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  1. We now live in a global economy – it’s time to take advantage of what this means for your business.
  2. Be a Business Owner not a Business Doer.
  3. Get out of your comfort zone … often. Diarise it! Ask yourself each and every week “What can I do that challenges how I think about the way I run my business?”




“An optimist is someone who decides that taking a step backward after taking a step forward is not a disaster, it more like dancing the Cha-Cha!” ”




What was your biggest marketing learning or ah-hahahha moment from this episode?

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8 thoughts on “254 – How to increase turn over by 21%, reduce wages by 90% … all in 12-months. Boom!”

  1. Really interesting Timbo. David I take it one can outsource to Manilla without living there? E.g. our web designer is an Irishman in Bangkok we found via Upwork (formerly ODesk). You can learn about us at wealthontrack.com.au. Thanks – Great interview Timbo 🙂

  2. Perfect timing with this one Timbo. Currently trying to work out the best way to outsource a bunch of eBook development work to the Phillipines. Looking forward to the next Ep.

  3. Excellent Steve. It’s easier than you think. You may even like to contact David – he’ll get you sorted. Let me know if you’d like an intro.

  4. Correct, Steve. Dave took the extreme approach and moved over there. The purpose of this chat and the next one is not to get all small business owners to move to The Philippines. Not at all. It’s to get us all thinking about the global economy and how we can take advantage of it.

  5. Chris Sullivan

    Yet another great interview Timbo. I am not sure wether outsourcing is something I will need to do in the near future, but David was very inspiring. David is very passionate and his “can do” approach, well I found it infectious. I was also impressed by your interviewing skills mate. I have just finished listening to all or your podcasts, and I have noticed the improvement’s throughout your time behind the mike. So good for you on the progress, and Ill continue to listen….until the dad jokes get unbearable. Don’t forget to give me a call for your tyre needs or advice. Its because of your marketing GOLD, I just want to be helpful…! http://www.yourlocaltyretruck.com.au
    Ps…Good to see Steve Baile involved in the discussion, I loved his DVD “The Big Lap”. If you aint seen it, grab a copy mate, its given me my “WHY”.

  6. Thanks Chris. I’ve been working hard at my interviewing technique. I love pulling out people’s story. So thanks for noticing 🙂 David is a very passionate guy – and don’t discount your need for outsourcing. I’m sure there are tasks in your business that are better done by others; plus things you’re not doing because of budget constraints. Re tyres – will need some soon. Get that pencil sharpened ;0)

  7. Maybe I’m missing the point, but what happened to the Australian employees?

    Just…f*ck ’em, right? I’M living la vita loca so screw you.

  8. Thanks ‘Guest’. I was going to delete this comment for obvious reasons. But I’ve chosen to keep it. Why? Because I want to make a point that it’s always the ones who have nothing constructive to say that remain anonymous. They’re cowards. Happy to throw stones but not willing to show their face. Or to enter in to sensible discussion. To your question … My guess is that the employees found other employment, as most do when they find themselves retrenched. Some even start their own businesses, and see things from the other side.

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