297 – This Most Unusual Career Progression Lead Finance Broker Scott Matthews To Huge Success

297 – This Most Unusual Career Progression Lead Finance Broker Scott Matthews To Huge Success

Adelaide Finance Broker Scott Matthews’ story is compelling for two reasons.

The first is that he never had the ultimate intention of becoming a finance broker. He graduated from Adelaide University with a BAS in aquatic ecology. A year later he became a policeman and spent five years in the police.

During this time he became a part time broker with Money Advisors and soon realised being a broker was in his blood, something which came naturally to him.

The second is that since Scott founded Finance Life, he now services over 1,000 clients and employs seven people. He has built a very reputable and successful small business.

Listen in to hear how he did it.

Plus I give an update on my new book – The Boomerang Effect. I share what someone seeded me with this week. And I’ve got some great feedback from a listener who’s now supporting his family with his new business that’s just a year old.

Inspiring stuff .. jam-packed into one epsidoe of Australia’s best marketing podcast ;0)




00:42  Welcome & overview
02:57  Today’s guest introduction – Scott Mathews of Finance Life
05:47  Interview with Scott Matthews – Part 1
15:28  Insights into Netregistry & Key Person Of Influence
17:44  Interview with Scott Matthews – Part 2
35:18  My top 3 attention grabbers from my chat with Scott Matthews
39:24 Marketing quote of the week
39:44 An update on my book The Boomerang Effect
41:11  An event update for NORA and KPI
43:02  Listener feedback
  Timbo’s been seeded
47:04  Wrap-up and insights into next week’s guests



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Finance Life’s official website

Interview with Shane Tilley all about the best email marketing tips

Upcoming NORA events

Huds and Toke sent Mr Charlie Bucket some doggy treats





      1. Put effort into managing your database – even if it involves getting your Mum involved! And once you’ve got it under control (your database not your mother) then use it! A weekly email is a good place to start. Go back and listen to episode 131 with email marketing expert Shayne Tilley – it’s a cracker!
      2. Ask questions of your prospects – get to know them and name them feel special – before bombarding them with information about yourself.
      3. Always have a big goal to aim for. Even a little goal for that matter. I’m not the biggest goal setter, but I’ve just started to employ a technique that Tim Ferris shared in a recent blog post – I’ll reveal more in a future episode if it works!




Dan Zarrella of HUBspot once said …

“The next time you hear a social media myth, question it.
Ask for proof, and ask out loud!”




What was your biggest marketing learning or ah-ha moment from this episode?

Leave your comment below.

My guest and I respond to each and every comment.

6 thoughts on “297 – This Most Unusual Career Progression Lead Finance Broker Scott Matthews To Huge Success”

  1. That was very interesting Timbo…..Got a lot out it. Inspired to drive our business even more!!!

  2. Thanks Timmy… having being a listener since around episode 150 I am a serial “wantrepeneur” who has a lot of ideas but hasn’t yet pulled the trigger. The one lesson I learnt from this episode after recently giving mortgage broking consideration as a career to peruse is that it is t for me. Back to the drawing board again! Really enjoyed this episode with Scott so thank you guys.

  3. Pleasure Dave. If broking is for you then chase it with all your heart. Think of it as putting a roof over people’s heads – helping them create a home. Go!

  4. Anthony Murphy

    Yet another great show Timbo, thanks again for the 297th time! 😉 Thanks to Scott for sharing your story mate, appreciate it!

    What I took away from this episode is the fact that Scott has the power of creating and maintaining lasting personal/business relationships which has been the backbone of growing his business. He doesn’t use social media, his website isn’t anything special and he hasn’t jumped into the digital business world just yet but he is a multi award winning business owner and going great guns

    Goes to show just how powerful being a people person can be!

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