#104 Success secrets from ‘The Best Sandwich in America’ creator.

#104 Success secrets from ‘The Best Sandwich in America’ creator.

Business is absolutely booming for a small, family-run sandwich stand that was established in 1954 in downtown Philadelphia. It’s roast pork, provolone and broccoli rabe sanga was recently awarded The Best Sandwich In America by the Travel Channel’s Man vs Food show. In this episode, I have a fireside chat with fourth generation owner Tommy Nicolosi who runs Tommy DiNics with his son Joey (make that five generations!).

This was such a great interview on so many levels – Tommy is a guy who’s been running his business the same way for decades. His marketing mantra is quality, quality, quality. He does very little promotion. Has limited distribution. And only raises his prices every 18-months or so, whilst expenses go up anyway. Tommy is a business owner passionate about delivering a quality product every time – and as a result everything else takes care of itself. He may not make millions doing it, but he has the loyalist of customer bases, loves what he does, is full of pride … and recently sold a sandwich to The Fonz. It doesn’t get any better than that!

Here’s Tommy and Joey at work in DiNics:

PLUS in this episode of Small Business Big Marketing I answer a marketing question from listener Ben Evans of www.EnglishPhotographer.com who was inspired to write an eBook as a result of a recent episode I did with Andrew Griffiths on How To Write A Book. Ben’s aim is to sell one million copies of his photography eBook at 99 pence per copy – I give him 6 marketing ideas on how to get there.

Thanks for tuning in. May your marketing be great marketing!

Links & Resources Mentioned In This Episode ..

Netregistry – Check out Small Business Big Marketing’s sponsor for all your online marketing needs.

Tommy DiNics – Tommy’s cafe at the Reading Market Terminal in Philadelphia.

The Entrepreneur article in which I first discovered Tommy’s story (thanks to Mikal E. Belicove).

English Photographer website – Referred to in the listener question I answer (can you find his eBook?).

Aweber – This is the software I use to build my list.

And here’s the Man vs Food segment where they review DiNics sandwich (start at the 8:00 minute mark):

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