292 – Here’s Why You Need a Personal Brand, with Charles Badenach of Main Street Financial

292 – Here’s Why You Need a Personal Brand, with Charles Badenach of Main Street Financial

Ever wondered about the importance of building a personal brand?  Maybe you think that’s a marketing strategy for only reeeaaally successful people. Well, time to rethink that one. My guest on today’s marketing podcast escaped the cubicle and has very quickly built a successful small business thanks to his own personal brand.

Last time Charles Badenach appeared on this show he was a successful financial adviser stuck in a cubicle working for the man. Fast forward three years and he’s still a successful financial adviser working for himself. Yep, he started Main Street Financial, a Tasmanian-based financial planning business and he’s never look ed back.

Join me as Charles:

  • Explains how his already strong personal brand helped expediate the growth of his new business
  • How he got Main Street Financial to market
  • What marketing is working for him

Plus I have a question from a listener who’s operating in a niche and is asking how to better target their prospects, as well as a flirtatious motivational marketing quote.

Yep, another big epsidoe of the best marketing podcast going around, so let’s get stuck, right in!




00:42  Welcome & overview
03:16  Listener question about niche marketing
07:20 Motivation marketing quote of the week
07:44  Today’s guest introduction – Charles Badenach
09:07  Interview with Charles Badenach – Part 1
18:05  Insights in to Netregistry
18:57  Interview with Charles Badenach – Part 2
38:22  My top 3 marketing learnings fro my chat with Charles Badenach
40:39  Wrap-up and insights in to next week’s guests



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Main Street Financial’s offical website

Main Street Financial on Twitter

Charles on Twitter





    1. Do things others won’t do to get the results others won’t get.
    2. Check out Google Sites as a way of creating an Intranet. I know a lot of businesses that also use it as a place to store all their standard operating procedures. In fact, just last week, we held a Members’ Only webinar inside The Small Business Big Marketing Forum in which Google Apps expert Peter Moriaty walked us through some of the simple and free productivity tools Google make available to us.
    3. Are you fishing where the fish are? Sounds obvious, but sometimes we can cast your marketing net too wide, hoping to catch anything. But do you really want to catch anything. So here’s an idea -set aside an hour or two to trial some very targeted marketing that only talks to people you want as customers or clients.




Doing business without marketing is like winking at a girl in the dark.
You know what you’re doing, but nobody else does!





What was your biggest marketing learning or ah-ha moment from this episode?

Leave your comment below.

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2 thoughts on “292 – Here’s Why You Need a Personal Brand, with Charles Badenach of Main Street Financial”

  1. Love the quote. I’d love to meet this Anon person, it seems they have written lots of memorable quotes, they must be an interesting character…

  2. Episode 145??? really, it can’t have been that long ago since Charles was on the show, wow that has gone fast, loved that episode and this one was very good as well.

    I always find I have a bit of a chuckle when I am listening to the show and the guest says something and I all of a sudden stop what ever I am doing and go and repeat the same thing he has just said out loud to myself and think ‘yep that is a great point” and then at the end of the show when you list your top 3 you go and repeat the point that I thought was great.

    On this episode it was “Are you Fishing where the fish are”, I’ve never heard that before and I love it.

    And it is probably good advice for me, as I think like Charles I’m probably ahead of the pack and doing a lot in areas that my customers aren’t yet, such as Facebook & Twitter, and although it is good to give all these different forms of marketing a go, maybe I should be cutting back on some and trying to concentrate on those that I know my customers are looking at instead.

    Food for thought for now anyway.

    On another note, Timbo, I love the idea of getting some of the past guest on again, so we can get an update to where they are at, and hear what they have since tried and what has worked and what hasn’t. You have had some great guest in the past, and of course I love hearing from new ones all the time, I think why not go back in the archives and check up on some of the old guest and see which ones you think could be good for us to hear from again.

    Just an idea for you, which I know I normally pass on to you inside the forum, but thought while I was on here I might as well mention it now.

    Anyway catch you back in the forum again tomorrow, cheers Ben

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