#102 – It’s time for Funny Business with Timbo & Andrew Griffiths.

#102 – It’s time for Funny Business with Timbo & Andrew Griffiths.

So much to cover, so little time! I kick off this episode by addressing a comment made by a listener who’s undertaking my Online Marketing Communications Masterclass. He mentioned in an email that “… marketing is one of those things that I find quite intimidating.” It was a great reminder that whilst marketing is something I do day in, day out for both my business and my clients’ businesses, many small business owners do find it anything but fun. In fact, many (and you may be one of them) find marketing their business not only intimidating, but down right scary.

Well, here’s the thing … it shouldn’t be. So hopefully some of the advice I give in response to this listener’s email will help many of you break through and do some marketing that both provides a return on your investment and is fun. This is a major reason I put my Masterclass together in the first place.

PLUS I then launch in to another solid chinwag with Andrew Griffiths in a segment that will, from this day onwards, be lovingly referred to as Funny Business – an opportunity for Andrew and I to head-to-head on various business issues that are on our collective minds … and have a laugh along the way.

In this episode of Funny Business we:

  • Share a Modern Family moment we both had in an upmarket pet shop recently.
  • Cogitate over a first world marketing problem Timbo had in a 5-star hotel.
  • Discuss the importance of backing yourself.
  • Pose the question Is it enough to meet your customers’ expectations?
  • And share some of our biggest business mistakes.

Links & Resources Mentioned In This Episode ..

Netregistry – Check out Small Business Big Marketing’s sponsor for all your online marketing needs.

Will It Blend – This is the website we discuss in discussion about backing yourself.

Timbo’s Masterclass can be purchased here.

Marketing Coaching with Timbo – Email me at tim(at)smallbusinessbigmarketing(dot)com if you’d like to enquire about my Marketing Coaching package – I’ll set up a 15-minute Discovery Call where I’ll be able to establish if I can help you move your business forward.

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8 thoughts on “#102 – It’s time for Funny Business with Timbo & Andrew Griffiths.”

  1. I might be biased but I love the logo – very fresh, fun and not what you would expect. Just the way it should be. Very happy to be a part of it.

  2. I might be biased but I love the logo – very fresh, fun and not what you would expect. Just the way it should be. Very happy to be a part of it.

  3. Each to there own… however like myself, TIm mentioned his love of clean, sharp. “Apple like” design… i’m tipping his designer didn’t do it?

    Just look at this site…

    The branding is ‘fresh and fun’ I don’t disagree… it just doesn’t align overly well with the rest of the SBBM branding built up for over the last 3+ years…

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