#85 Talking business building & creativity with Tania de Jong AM.

#85 Talking business building & creativity with Tania de Jong AM.

Tania De Jong AM is one of Australia’s leading Sopranos – no, not the gangster type – and also manages to run a variety of very cool businesses including an innovations workshop business, a talent agency and a charity that helps disadvantaged people find their voice.

In this fireside chat, Tania reveals:

  • The importance of asking for things, instead of thinking “It could never be”.
  • What keeps her focussed when running so many businesses.
  • How she attracted Dr Edward de Bono to speak at her first creativity conference in 2010.
  • Why she thinks more businesses don’t explore their creative side … and how they can.
  • What role marketing plays in establishing and building her business portfolio.
  • The importance of having a mentor to help you be successful in your business.

PLUS Tania has an ‘amazing’ treat for us right at the end.

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Links & Resources Mentioned In This Episode …

National Tracky Dack Day.
Tania de Jong’s website.
Creative Universe – Tania de Jong’s talent agency.
Creativity Australia – Tania de Jong’s creative workshop business.
Creative Innovation – The event she attracted Dr Edward de Bono to.
Pot-Pourri – Tania de Jong’s singing group.
Music Theatre Australia – Tania de Jong’s events and entertainment business.

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