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Creating great content that enables you to share your knowledge and position you as an expert is a no-brainer marketing strategy. And the King of content is video. And thanks to the iPhone, creating engaging marketing videos has never been easier. Check out this fantastic iPhone Video training created by one of my past guests – Jules Watkins (here’s my interview with him) – a former BBC / MTV TV Director.

** Before sharing some insights in to why this training will help grow your small business, please put aside the limiting beliefs that video is too hard, you don’t want to be in front of the camera or that it’s going to cost a fortune. Thanks ;0) Now, let’s talk about how to make marketing videos …

How to use your iPhone to create stunning marketing videos for your business.

As I have said many times before – there’s never been a better time to market a small business.

And the iPhone is a great example of why this is true. Right there, in your pocket is a powerful little video camera that will enable you to create all sorts of marketing videos to attract prospects, increase enquiry and grow your sales.

The reality is, you could spend hundreds, if not thousands of hard earned, on video equipment and training to get the same outcomes with tools you already have.

But what would you create video about?

What wouldn’t you? Here’s ust a few ideas:

  • Product reviews.
  • Service reviews.
  • Testimonials.
  • Staff introductions.
  • Store tours.
  • Answer FAQs.
  • How to …
  • Responses to Client questions.
  • Interviews.

I've been through this training and absolutely love it.

As a former BBC / MTV TV Director, Jules Watkins knows his way around creating compelling video. And in this training, he seriously leaves no stone unturned. And every lesson is so clearly presented with a short video, links and notes. For a massive $97 ;0) here’s just some of what he covers:

  • The Controls
  • Headset secrets
  • Depth of field
  • Get steady
  • Sound
  • Microphones
  • Low budget lighting
  • How to film yourself
  • Editing
  • How to get that Apple white background
  • Filming inside V outside
  • Sending to YouTube

Plus he points you in the direction of some fantastic apps, a music track library, an image library and even suggests the right equipment to use.

Who's this suited to?

Bloggers – who want to bring their content to life.

Small business owners – Who want to create engaging vidoes on a shoestring budget.

Service providers to small biz – Who want to add an extra revenue stream to their business.

Grab your lifetime access now to the world’s best iPhone video training.

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