Marx Acosta Rubio made a fortune hiring a cocaine addict (twice) | #495

Marx Acosta Rubio made a fortune hiring a cocaine addict (twice) | #495

I know, right? It’s crazy! No one in their right minds would do this.

Hiring a cocaine addict—not only once, but twice? I certainly wanted to hear where hiring addicts got him—did it work? Is it even possible to turn these people into the best employees?


In today’s episode, we are joined by Marx Acosta Rubio, the millionaire turned deca-millionaire who is famous for his story of falling and rising and falling again—only to rise up even better. How exactly do you rise from the ashes after a massive failure? Marx shares with us his rags to riches to rags to riches experience and how he did it. Plus, a bonus strategy he uses in hiring his employees which he has proven to be highly effective.


If you’re going through a rough patch at the moment. Whether it be in your business or personal life, then this episode is exactly what you need. Listen now and find some marketing G-O-L-D!

About today’s guest Marx Acosta Rubio


Marx Acosta Rubio is the founder of Onestop, a company that makes 30+ million dollars in annual revenues selling print cartridges. Marx dropped out of law school to become an entrepreneur. He is also an investor and consultant who shares his wisdom with other entrepreneurs to save them from falling into traps that might paralyse them and keep them from living the life they actually want to be living.  Marx believes that family comes first and they became his inspiration for rising again.

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What we discussed in episode 495


  • A brief recount of Marx’s early life living in the Venezualan slums
  • Marx talks about making a difference in the crowded marketplace of cold calling and sales
  • How M&Ms help you make repeat sales
  • Marx talks about the reason why he failed the first time
  • Marx shares an effective strategy he uses in hiring people
  • Why he hired a cocaine addict … twice!
  • The fall
  • Marx talks about his measure of happiness and success
  • Buying back the fallen company
  • Bouncing back after losing everything
  • How Marx makes a virtual business work together with his love for growing people
  • Marx talks about his other businesses
  • Marx shares some nuggets of wisdom

Timbo’s Top 3 Attention Grabbers


Here are some valuable insights I’ve picked up during my chat with Marx.

  1. Stop spending time on the non-essentials of your business.
  2. Instead of hiring staff … audition them!
  3. Big clients are good … small clients are not so good.

What grabbed your attention?

Let me know in the comments below.


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  1. gopal krishna tripathi

    “we became absolute best at providing best customer experience while ordering ink toner”
    Absolutely conveys the confidence in company strategy and philosophy.

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