Marketing 101 For A Massuer (Or any small business wanting to get found online).

I checked in to a hotel today in Perth … A city I am unfamiliar with.

After a five hour flight my body was screaming “massage, massage!”

So I Google ‘Mobile massage Perth’.

And the fun begins … Not!

The first two pages (yes, I was so desperate I went to page 2 of the search results) were littered with basic directory listings with minimal information, large enquiry generating sites with no personal touch and the odd individual Massuer who, upon clicking on their link, bamboozled me with irrelevant information.

Seriously, either no one has a need for mobile massage in Perth or the concept of ranking number 1 on page 1 of the world’s biggest search engine is yet to get through to this industry (as well as many others).

Seriously, how fricken hard can I be to dominate such a search?

Here’s what I’d do.

1. Create a simple website that recognized that people looking for massage are tired, stressed or sore – show that you understand how they feel. I’d also have a section telling them a little bit about me and my approach to massage and include a clear, friendly photo or two. In fact, a video of you introducing yourself and your services would be a great idea. The main section is your Services – simply describe what you offer and how much. Give each offer a cool name like the ‘Release From Stress’ package (we love to buy packages) and spray a few testimonials about as well. Then, last but by no means least – make it easy for people to contact you. In fact, I’d have your phone number at the top of every page.

2. All of the above should be short, simple copy. Headlines, sub-heads, bullet points. NOT ‘War and Peace’. And make it keyword rich … that doesn’t mean every second paragraph should start with ‘As a mobile Massuer in the Perth …” but it does mean understand what phrases your prospects are keying in to Google and include them in the copy of your site.

3. Now that the front of your site is sorted, complete the back end. This gets a little techie … But it’s worth learning. Basically, you need to ensure every page has a key word rich page title and description … If you’re website is built in WordPress, then add a plugin like Yoast and complete the empty fields for each page.

At this point, you are so far ahead of the game it’s not funny. But I did say ‘dominate’ … So let’s continue.

4. Now you’ve got a website that will resonate with prospects … Go and list yourself in all the free directories … And when I say list, don’t just put your name and mobile … Complete all the fields they give you. By doing this, you’ve begun your SEO campaign AKA search engine optimisation. If you want to take it up a notch then have a professional team do your SEO – I use these guys and they’re damn good.

5. Verify and complete your Google + Places listing. This is like a free website that Google gives you and they will always list a business’s Places listing whenever anyone does a search with a suburb name attached.

6. Finally, go ahead and create some videos. Just use your iPhone camera. Answers the five most frequently asked questions about massage, upload them to Your new YouTube channel that you’ve created, and then complete the headline, description and category information ensuring the odd keyword is used.

Do this and your on a winner. And so am I … As next time I come to Perth, you’ll be the first one I call.

What do you think? Would you add anything to this online marketing strategy?