295 – Modern Family star appears in this Toronto house cleaning business’s marketing free-of-charge!

295 – Modern Family star appears in this Toronto house cleaning business’s marketing free-of-charge!

Past guest and YouTube sensation Melissa Maker of Clean My Space joins us for a well overdue update, and amongst other things, explains how she got Modern Family star Jess Tyler Fergusson (he plays gay Dad Mitchell) to appear in her marketing free-of-charge … yep … FOC. Check the video below.

Melissa first appeared on this show way back on episode 197. Back then she had a nice little cleaning business in Toronto, that she marketed through some very helpful how-to cleaning videos.

Well, she still has nice little cleaning business has grown into a nice little business with multiple revenue streams well beyond cleaning. If you ever wondered if being helpful in your marketing was a valuable strategy, then here’s all the proof you need.

Listen in as Melissa shares:

    • How helpful marketing has lead to multiple revenue streams
    • Has built her a personal brand beyond her wildest dreams
    • How she managed to get a Modern Family star to appear in her marketing – for nicks!
    • Plus soooo much more!

Plus I give an update on my book. Yep. It’s finished. With the printer. And a three CD set I’ve put together covering six interviews I’ve done across remarkable marketing, video marketing and eCommerce marketing.

OMG, another big episode of Australia’s best marketing podcast. Let’s do this!





00:38  Welcome & overview
03:08  Time for a check-in on the week
05:25  Today’s guest introduction – Melissa Maker of Clean My Space
06:56  Interview with Melissa Maker – Part 1
26:57  Insights into Netregistry & Key Person Of Influence
29:17  Interview with Melissa Maker – Part 2
50:03  My top 3 attention grabbers from my chat with Melissa Maker
52:07  Motivational marketing quote of the week
52:22  Listener question about advertising audio volumes
56:05  Listener feedback
57:11  Wrap-up and insights into next week’s guest



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Clean My Space official website

Clean My Space official YouTube channel

My first interview with Melissa Maker back in episode 197





    1. Create helpful marketing. Amazing things happen. If this concept continues to evade you then don’t stress, as my new book will be out shortly. Register here to be on my mailing list.
    2. Create content that the average Google user would look up.
    3. Repurpose your content – one of Melissa’s videos become at least five content pieces.




“Leverage that one strength that you have;
that no one else, anywhere in this world, can be you!

King Content, Tom Wheatland




What was your biggest marketing learning or ah-ha moment from this episode?

Leave your comment below.

My guest and I respond to each and every comment.


19 thoughts on “295 – Modern Family star appears in this Toronto house cleaning business’s marketing free-of-charge!”

  1. Great episode Timbo! We have been wanting to create more video’s with tips, and tricks for the shipping/parcel industry. This episode just gave me the motivation to make it happen. Thanks so much!

  2. Lisa Berrier Sherer

    Wow, Melissa was amazing! What an inspiration. I love the way that she keeps taking action, learning, tweaking and taking more action. Thanks for another great podcast Tim!

  3. Timbo great episode. I actually think the sound level is really good – I particularly like that you have a volume control on the sound. The Youtube video was a bit on the quiet side for me.
    I can’t work out whether to do more video, or to do it myself or pay someone to do it (as Charles Badenach does I think). Your medium seems to be podcasts. At the moment I am writing my own blogs and using my own photos – which distinguishes
    us from 95% of our competitors I guess. Here’s my latest blog, what do you and Melissa think? Should I video more? http://wealthontrack.com.au/aldi-lust/

  4. Great question, Steve. Go ahead and ask it inside the Forum and I’ll give you my thoughts. Daryl, my editor, will be pleased to hear you think the audio levels of the epsidoe is OK 🙂

  5. Great episode Timbo!- I plan to clean up my act as motivated me to do so

  6. Yep – I hold the Dad joke title in my suburb and at work for 3 years running

  7. Thanks Melissa for sharing again! So great. Fun to see how the business is evolving. Would love to hear more on partnerships and how to land those partnerships. Trying to launch more into video, but it is so the consuming…and it takes a lot of planning. I’d like to try dipping my toe into this clogging thing you talked about. But not so easy.

    Tim, do I sense a little small business crush? If so, I’m totally there with you!

  8. Just a little one, Nick ;0) On less serious matters, maybe you don’t need to launch into video – it feels like you may be forcing it. Stick with podcasting. Own it in the design space. Someone has to. Oh, and by ‘clogging’, did you mean ‘vlogging’? If so, that’s easy enough – just whip the iPhone out when you’ve got something to say that will help or entertain your audience. That’s a good start.

  9. Dennis in Saskatoon Canada

    Your Podcasts are the highlight of my week – positive+fun+gold. A 1,000+ thanks. I have a corollary to your point #2. In my business I created a web site, got top local rankings with Google, but then found that nobody in my market area (province) was searching for anything related to my service (sidewalk repairs). I kept the website as an electronic brochure, but now use direct marketing to decision makers. I think the web is only one marketing tool and not appropriate to all businesses all the time.

  10. Thanks for your kind words about my show, Dennis. 1000+ is a big score 🙂 Re the web … I agree 1000% – it’s a channel to market. That’s all. An important one though – and even using your website as an electronic brochure isn’t a bad outcome.

  11. Hi Timbo

    Always love how you find new people to interview – I came across ANITA NEWTON- check her out on youtube – I know she will add value the way you interview and extract the right info

  12. I agree with all the previous messages here Timbo – another great show buddy. It was great to hear how Melissa had progressed since the last podcast 🙂

    My biggest marketing learning was the vloggs. Yes I have heard of them before, but I really liked the way Melissa used it for Marketing and not just putting her face on the screen for no reason.
    btw – just letting you know Daryl is not pulling the wool over your eyes with the “perceived loudness” line – it’s totally true 🙂

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