215 – Michelle Bridges talks personal branding, business success and why we should all JFDI!

215 – Michelle Bridges talks personal branding, business success and why we should all JFDI!

Michelle Bridges is Australia’s most influential personal trainer and a brand unto herself.

She’s the straight-talking coach on The Biggest Loser, the author of 12 best selling health & wellness books, she has her own clothing & equipment range called OneActive, and she’s the creator of the hugely 12WBT – an online program that has stripped close to 1,300,000 kilograms of its participants.

Join me as Michelle talks about how she didn’t set out to build an empire, her secret to building her personal brand and all the verticals that now make it up, plus so many more business and marketing nuggets that have lead to her success. This is motivating stuff!

Plus a listener shares some great insights he’s leaned from listening to this show, and how he’s now applying them in his business to great effect.

Let’s go!

Episode Timeline

  • 1.45  I check in on how you’re week’s been – seems to be a lot of stressed people out there right now. Take a breath!
  • 3.04  A shout out to two fantastic podcast sponsors who make marketing your business inexpensive and effective
  • 5.22 A listener shares some fantastic insights in to how listening to The Small Business Big Marketing Show has hugely improved his view on marketing
  • 8.50 Michelle Bridges introduction
  • 10.38 Michelle talks about how she helped Australia lose 1.3M kilograms!
  • 11:40 I suggest an alternative pricing model for Michelle’s 12WBT
  • 13.11 Michelle shares how she never set out to build an empire or be a TV star
  • 15.22 Michelle shares the power of stories
  • 17.30 The moment Michelle started to feel embarrassed and the advice she got from a friend
  • 19.43  When it all changed
  • 22:01  The risk of complacency
  • 23.59  The power of YouTubers and their impact on TV celebrities
  • 26.24 How did the 12WBT come about
  • 27.50 Michelle talks about Team MB and the importance of being on-brand
  • 32.30  How Michelle broke two Guinness World Records
  • 36.26 Michelle talks about the importance of JFDI!

Resources and Links Mentioned in this Episode


My Top 4 Learnings

This week’s top four learnings from my chat with Michelle Bridges:

1.  Is what you’re doing in your business on-brand?

2.  JFDI!

3.  Truly care about what it is you offer in your business – stop looking at the bank account and the empire will build itself.

4.  Stay fit. A healthy body equals a healthy business.

Over to you!

Let me know YOUR #1 takeaway from this episode by leaving a comment below.
My guest and myself personally read and respond to every comment.


16 thoughts on “215 – Michelle Bridges talks personal branding, business success and why we should all JFDI!”

  1. David Patterson

    Listened to this today – great listen and surprised me. Dont do things for money, stay true to your brand and JFDI – love it

  2. I love how she just went for it without over thinking things. Just go for it!! Action! Not a surprise she is so successful. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Hi Timbo, love the show! Great episode as always! Interested though and this might have been covered elsewhere what’s the thinking behind the ‘Crank my Marketing’? Was it exclusively to get a .com address? Seems to be a bit odd and against everything you talk about with branding? Thanks again for the awesome show though!

  4. Thanks Damo. Glad you enjoyed this episode with Michelle. The idea behind crank my marketing was to make it easier for people to go directly to the forum signup page. The alternative up until now has been to direct them to my homepage and then ask them to click on the forum button. This involved to steps and I was keen to reduce it to one, so http://www.crankmymarketing.com it was.

  5. Thanks for the feedback Nick. As a fellow action taker, it’s no surprise that you enjoyed this episode. I’m glad you did though as you may well have not heard of Michelle even though she did break a Guinness book of records attempt in New York City earlier this year. As always, thanks for your support mate.

  6. Thanks so much, Tolita. I must agree that the focus on brand is a recurring theme amongst successful small business owners. A good pick up.

  7. Hi Timbo, just listened to the show and another great one. I loved how passionate Michelle is about helping people and how she hasn’t done any of this for money. Just shows what happens when you have passion, desire to share your knowledge and help others. Like other people I loved her JFDI and I have incorporated this into my diary activities and it is already making an impact. Another great show, look forward to listening to the next one!

  8. I listened to this whilst I was rejigging my business’s marketing strategy. It was really inspiring and I’m feeling really confident. Thanks Michelle and Timbo!!

  9. What a great episode to listen to as I start the New Year (yes I’m a few weeks behind Timbo :(). I have new plans to implement and this episode particularly spoke to me and my procrastination so thank you Timbo and Michelle.

  10. David Patterson

    Tim, I had pegged Michelle Bridges as just a personal trainer. I had not thought that she would have much to give by way of advice. I guess it shows you you should not have pre conceived ideas about anything.

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