[Emergency Episode] Mindfulness techniques for business owners to navigate these crazy times | #566

[Emergency Episode] Mindfulness techniques for business owners to navigate these crazy times | #566

To support business owners everywhere who are struggling right now, I’ve teamed up with one of Australia’s leading mindfulness experts for a much needed episode 566 of The (12 year-old, award-winning) Small Business Big Marketing podcast.



A little more about mindfulness expert Ray Good …


The world’s in a crazy place right now. And as business owners, we’re all struggling to maintain a level of sanity that enables us to keep building our beautiful businesses into the empires they deserve to be.

So, in conjunction with past guest Ray Good, I’ve put together what I’m calling a stress-busting emergency episode that has nothing to do with marketing and business growth and more to do with helping you get a grip on things by creating a clear mind and space to think.

Who’s Ray Good? I hear you ask.

Ray first appeared on episode 456 where he shared his incredible business journey.

In 1993 and based in the UK, Ray was one of the world’s top DJs, pumping out the beats under the pseudonym Sugar Ray

He then had a breakdown which ended his career and almost his life, before turning to meditation to get him back on track.

He returned to Melbourne, built and sold a seafood franchise called Hook’d, and embarked on a mission to teach mindfulness and meditation to business owners everywhere through hsi business The Good Place.

And guess what … he’s never been busier!

So, find a comfortable spot, turn off all distractions and listen in as Ray shares some fantastic micro-practices to help you stay calm, sleep well and feel more energised than you have in a long time.

We start off by addressing the crippling issue of stress and anxiety …

Resources mentioned in this episode


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Navy Seal Box Breathing technique graphic







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Thanks for tuning in. May your meditation be the best meditation.






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