Intimately know the most efficient way to solve your client’s problems (and they’ll use you time and time again)

Intimately know the most efficient way to solve your client’s problems. Afterall, being the most efficient business in your industry can be a great point-of-difference in a world of sameness.

I call today’s idea the customer efficiency hack.

Everytime I fly to Sydney I arrange for taxi-driver Joe to pick me up. This is unusual on three counts – 1. I prefer Uber over taxis; 2. There’s plenty of taxis waiting already outside; and 3. Joe’s the most expensive option.

So why Joe?

Well, I was reminded exactly why only yesterday. As we left Sydney airport, Joe pointed out the banked up traffic on the freeway leading into town – it was bumper-to-bumper and would have turned a 30-minute trip into easily an hour plus. So instead of joining the cue, he calmly weaved his way through side streets and got me, stress-free, to my CBD hotel in the usual 30-minutes.

The lesson? Intimately know the most efficient way to solve your client’s problems. In a world where everyone is time poor, time is the new currency, and people will pay you above the odds if you save them lots of it.

So, here’s my 3-steps to ensuring your customers choose you every time:

  1. Have an intimate understanding of your client’s’ problems that your business can solve.
  2. Map out how you can solve each one in the quickest, most pain-free way for them.
  3. Provide your most efficient solution … every time; and if you have client-facing staff, then make sure they do so as well.

Pro-Tip: Don’t make a song and dance about it. Joe doesn’t. He just does what he knows is best for my situation. As a result, I use him every time. And no, you can’t have his number!

That’s my 3-steps to being a ridiculously efficient business, ensuring customers choose you … every time.

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So, what have you got to lose?