Waze Founder Noam Bardin Has Launched a Twitter Alternative Called Post | 642

Waze Founder Noam Bardin Has Launched a Twitter Alternative Called Post | 642

Can you imagine starting a new social media platform? The money required, the resources, not to mention the time and the risk! It’s certainly not for the faint-hearted. Well, today we meet

Noam Bardin, a Silicon Valley veteran and the Founder of Post.News, a new social media that’s taking Elon Musk’s Twitter head on! It’s a take-on-the-big-boys episode 642 of The (14 year-old, award-winning) Small Business Big Marketing podcast.



A little more about Post.News Noam Bardin …


Noam Bardin founded Waze, the crowd-sourcing traffic app and one of the world’s most talked-about start-ups following its acquisition by Google in 2013. I can imagine that would be a pretty handy pay day!

He’s been labelled as one of Business Insider’s 100 Stars of Silicon Valley. And he’s completed a Masters of Public Administration at Harvard Uni, where he began planning on how to save the world.

Not a bad CV so far, but where it gets really interesting is that Noam is also the  Founder of Post.News, a new social media site he launched in 2022, that upon first look, is not dissimilar to Twitter

Yep, you’re about to hear from an entrepreneur who’s taking on Elon Musk’s Twitter?! Albeit, with a few minor differences like posts are not limited to 280 characters, you can buy individual articles from premium news providers and you can tip creators. In his own words Noam describes Post as being for “real people, with real news and civil conversations”.

Is he crazy? Does he know something we don’t? Has he got more money than sense? Let’s go find out as Noam shares:

  • Why he’s taking on one of the biggest social mediums in the world.
  • How he’s actually doing it, not to mention financing it!
  • Plus we have a super interesting conversation about the minimum viable product concept or MVP as it’s often referred to.

If you’re a Silver of Gold  Member of my Patreon, you can watch this interview over at Patreon.com/MaretingPodcast. I started off by asking Noam what he loves about social media, and what’s his favourite platform.



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