The surprisingly simple wealth-building strategy of website investor Matt Raad | #641

The surprisingly simple wealth-building strategy of website investor Matt Raad | #641

Some people buy, renovate and sell property in the hope of creating the perfect lifestyle. Not today’s guest. Matt Raad (and his wife Liz) buy, renovate and keep (although sometimes they sell) websites, and they have created the perfect lifestyle.  It’s time to uncover these surprisingly simple wealth-building strategies of website investor Matt Raad, in a get-rich-quicker-than-you-may-have-thought-possible episode 641 of The (14 year-old, award-winning) Small Business Big Marketing podcast.



A little more about eBusiness Institute’s Matt Raad …


Matt Raad (along with his wife Liz) is regarded as Australia’s leading expert in creating highly profitable website portfolios with high margins and low overheads.

In fact, they were one of the first in the world to buy and renovate a portfolio of websites worth millions of dollars; a strategy they now teach beginners to reach six, even seven figure incomes.

Whether you’re looking at adding an additional stream of income to an existing business, or you’d love a side hustle, or maybe you just want to improve the value of your business’s website, then you’ll love what Matt has to share including:

  • Why he prefers online real estate to bricks and mortar as a way of creating wealth
  • Why he focuses solely on content websites, and not other types of digital assets
  • Matt shares some case studies showing what’s possible
  • Plus I drill him hard (but politely, of course) on a number of limiting beliefs and elephants in the room that I felt needed addressing in order for you and I to come to terms with what seems like a dream business in these crazy times!

So open your mind and your notebook as Matt shares a very modern business idea.

Oh, and a quick warning … If you find yourself getting uber excited then feel free to head over to If you purchase through that link, Matt & Liz will kindly include a $997 Web Design Course as a bonus, plus a free training session on the Secrets of the Worlds best Website Investors. Just mention that you heard about it from me ;0)

We start off with Matt explaining how he went from studying Zoology to buying, renovating and selling websites!



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