The Brady Bunch Phenomenon: Realtor Danny Brown’s Insider Secrets on Selling this Iconic House | #640

The Brady Bunch Phenomenon: Realtor Danny Brown’s Insider Secrets on Selling this Iconic House | #640

There’s a story of a lovely lady, who was bringing up three very lovely girls. You know the rest, right?! Well, that lovely lady’s home (and her hubby’s) is now for sale, and today we hear from the Beverly Hills real estate agent, charged with selling the Brady Bunch’s house. It’s a family-friendly episode 640 of The (14 year-old, award-winning) Small Business Big Marketing podcast.



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A little more about the guy selling The Brady Bunch house …


As you may have realised by now, I’m a curious fella. My curiosity is a major driver in choosing my guests and the questions I ask them.

Case in point? Years ago when I found you could take a mini submarine ride to the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean to view the Titanic, I immediately had to track down the fellow who was selling the tickets. Check out episode 236.

And when I saw there was a cattle ranch in Texas for sale for a whopping $998M, I simply had to interview the agent responsible for the sale. Check out episode 446.

So guess what happened last week when I heard the Brady Bunch house was for sale? Yep, you got it. I contacted the selling agent immediately hoping for an interview. My head was bursting with curiosity – How did he get the listing to sell America’s second most photographed house, behind the White House? How do you price something so iconic? Who are the likely buyers? How do you weed out the tyre kickers? How do you market it? And … What was Alice’s favourite meal to cook for the entire Brady Bunch?!

brady bunch house

So many questions, so little time!

Let’s go meet the man with all these answers, and then some. His name is Danny Brown of Compass Real Estate, a Beverly Hills real estate agent with 21 years experience selling mega mansions to the mega wealthy. Over his career, Danny has sold 400 properties totalling a whopping $1.4B in sales. Do the math on that not-so-little commission cheque!

I started off by testing Danny’s Brady Bunch general knowledge!

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