276 – Brian Hight was awarded the Queen’s Honours for his old-school content marketing strategy

276 – Brian Hight was awarded the Queen’s Honours for his old-school content marketing strategy

Are you ready for some content marketing strategy genius? Well, how’s this for an idea … Create some unique, quality content that your prospects will love. Then bypass the Internet, and instead, print it on paper and mail  it to those who may one day buy from you. How old school is that!

Well, it may be old school, but my guest today, Brian Hight of the Rural News Group, has been doing exactly that for the past forty years with his free farming newspapers in New Zealand. In fact, he’s even been awarded the Queen’s Honours for his contribution to publishing.

He founded Farm Equipment News in 1974 after leaving the family dairy farm, sold it some years later and established the Rural News Group which now covers the newspapers Rural News, Dairy News and NZ Winegrower.

This is not the usual interview as we barley mention the Internet, but instead explore a way of marketing that has by-passed many small business owners on the ay to Facebook, websites, PPC and SEO!

Yep, it’s an old school episode today of Australia’s best marketing podcast. Enjoy!




00:36  Welcome & overview
03:00  Time for a check-in on the week
05:34  Today’s guest introduction – Brian Hight
07:10  Interview with Brian Hight – Part 1
20:26  Insights in to 99Designs & Netregistry
22:14  Interview with Brian Hight – Part 2
32:05  My top 3 marketing learnings fro my chat with Brian Hight
33:58  Motivational marketing quote of the week
34:09  Wrap-up and insights in to next week’s guests



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  1. Give some consideration to creating a printed publication. As I said, “When everyone else is shouting … whisper!”
  2. No matter what content you’re creating, ensure it’s quality. Brian calls it compelling.
  3. You don’t have to write all your content. Seek contributors … AKA guest posters, freelance journos.




“People may hear your words, but they feel your attitude.”

John C Maxwell




What was your biggest marketing learning or ah-ha moment from this episode?

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9 thoughts on “276 – Brian Hight was awarded the Queen’s Honours for his old-school content marketing strategy”

  1. Anthony Murphy

    Such a refreshing episode Timbo, loved this one! Brian sounded like a legend of a bloke and really knew his job. Was great to have someone of his caliber and in the niche he is in to be nailing some ‘old school’ media. There was no SEO, RSS or CMS talk but plenty of proof in the value of good printed media/marketing. Thanks Brian and cheers Timbo!

  2. Chris Sullivan

    Great episode here Timbo. The biggest takeaway for me was the old school approach. After listening, I got on the phone and called a customer who recently purchased 4 truck tyres. I asked if he was happy with my work and lucky I did. It made my day. He was rapped! He said he can’t wait to use us again. So getting back to the old school ways does have its advantages. All the tech stuff we do today is great, but just a simple phone call can work wonders! Thanks to Brian and Timbo!

  3. Melanie Gray

    This one really got me thinking out of the box about my marketing strategy. Loved the fact that some printed media gains 100% reach. Never thought of it that way. Thanks Timbo for another great podcast 🙂

  4. Loving your work, Chris. You’re ability to listen, identify opportunities and then IMPLEMENT, is golden. Well done, buddy.

  5. thefatbadger

    I loved this guy. a real no nonsense, no BS kinda guy. Sir Brian seems to have the ability to see the bigger picture and doesn’t caught up in things that don’t matter. He identifies what works and does more of it, simply and straightforward.
    I particularly liked his comment about news agencies referring people to their websites for more detail.
    Business need not be hard, some people seem to find a way to make it hard.
    The business world could do with more of the likes of Brian.

  6. thefatbadger

    it may ‘reach’ 100% but there is still the ‘above the bin’ readers. I’ve always been interested in the ‘circulation’ numbers of newspapers (and similar) as opposed to the actual number of copies purchased and or read.

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