322 – [WARNING] This episode will challenge you, but ultimately leave you feeling inspired (I hope).

322 – [WARNING] This episode will challenge you, but ultimately leave you feeling inspired (I hope).

Hey team. Bonus episode today, and a different kind of one at that.

No marketing gold, no business lessons (well maybe a couple), just an inspiring conversation with a couple of homeless people, and a fellow for whom volunteering has enabled him to see his work life in a whole different way.

By the way, there’s a language warning on this one. Nothing outrageous, but I do get a little fired-up.

You may recall a couple of episodes back I interviewed Lucas and Nic, the founders of Orange Sky Laundry – a mobile clothes washing service for homeless people. If you haven’t listened to it then I suggest you do.

Nic and Lucas’s idea and passion touched me big time, so following that interview, I went and volunteered for them, spending a couple of hours at an Orange Sky Laundry parked on Collins Street in Melbourne’s CBD.

I loved every bit of it.

The chance to give back to people in need.

The chance to learn some life lessons from those less fortunate.

And the conversations I had with one of their volunteers, and a couple of Orange Sky’s homeless friends, have been life changing. I’ll share what I learnt, later on.

So, listen in as I wander through Melbourne’s CBD trying to locate the Orange Sky Van …

3 thoughts on “322 – [WARNING] This episode will challenge you, but ultimately leave you feeling inspired (I hope).”

  1. Hey Timbo – I LOVED this one buddy <3
    Thank you for being so open and yes, even vulnerable in sharing verbally your emotional thoughts. Your non-judgmental questions showed you were caring, and genuinely interested in who you were talking to. Having listened to many of your podcast interviews, I see that you approached each of these people the same, as equals in fact – and that young man shows Integrity, Professionalism and above all, a kind human nature.
    You are a pleasure to listen to. You have my respect Timbo.

  2. Roseann Scrivens

    Timbo! This was a really heartwarming episode. I think that your interview was wonderful and really helped humanize Herb and other homeless. I have been a listener since the days of Lukie, but this is my first time commenting! I am a cubicle escapee and I am currently taking over my moms nearly dead corporation. With so much knowledge imparted by this podcast over the years I have tons of really great ideas on how to turn her company, New Native Baby, around! Once I have implemented more, like revamping NewNativeBaby.com I will let you know! Cheers! Roseann

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