The One Thing That Sky Rocketed My Business

I left the corporate world seven years to start a marketing consultancy.

Like the world needed another marketing consultant!

Two years in I decided I needed something that completely separated me from the pack.

A point-of-difference. A unique selling proposition.

A marketing play that positioned me as the go to guy in my industry.

So I started a PODCAST.

A what? A podcast – think of it as an online radio show.

An audio file you upload to your website and share with the world.

My podcast is called The Small Business Big Marketing Show.

Launching it is the one thing that changed everything.

Not immediately, but it did change everything.

Podcasting built my personal brand.

It drove loads of new traffic to my website.

It gets me shared widely and often across social media.

It attracted warm leads and got me more clients than I knew what to do with.

It forced me to create additional ways for people to access me – like The Small Business Big Marketing Forum.

It is 100% responsible for me now travelling the world speaking to business owners from stage.

It added a new revenue channel in the form of sponsorship (thanks Netregistry ;0).

The bottom-line?

Podcasting has added hundreds of thousands of dollars to my business.

Should you start a podcast?

Hell yeah!

Here’s 6 podcasting tips to get you started.