226 – How to run your business with passion and purpose with Mr Passionate himself, Keith Abraham

226 – How to run your business with passion and purpose with Mr Passionate himself, Keith Abraham

Do you want to do what you love and love what you do? Would you love to live with passion and purpose? Who wouldn’t, right?! Well today I’m joined by Keith Abraham (AKA Mr Passionate), the world’s leading authority on passionate performance and finding your why. Business owners globally turn to Keith for inspiration, insights and ideas on how they and their people can be their best.

When I asked Keith what he’d love to share with you, the motivated small business owner, here’s what he said:

“Nothing great happens until someone becomes passionate about something. So let’s talk about how to find your WHY, because when that becomes clear the HOW becomes easy. There’s thousands of great marketing ideas that work, however you need personal passion so your suitably engaged to implement them.”

Boom! My thoughts entirely!

So tune in to this episode of Australia’s #1 marketing podcast and you’ll:

  • Learn how to find your why in business
  • Discover how to harness your passion
  • Be reminded how to make room for the important stuff
  • Hear about the power of generosity
  • And soooo much more!

Plus I got seeded with some MuffNuts. Yep, MuffNuts. The donut that thinks it’s a muffin! So I smashed a few down with two of my kids then we do a very serious, in-depth review ;0) Oh, and they come up with some ripper marketing ideas to ensure every young person in Australia knows about them [insert proud Dad blush]

Let’s get stuck right into episode 226 of Australia’s #1 marketing show. Go!

Episode Timeline

  • 00:30  Welcome and overview of today’s episode
  • 01:35  Time to check-in and see how your business week has been
  • 04:47  A little sponsor love for Netregistry & 99Designs
  • 06:57  I’ve been seeded with some MuffNuts – so my kids and I talk about them
  • 14:58  Mr Passionate Keith Abraham talk about finding your why
  • 54:59  My top 5 learnings from my chat with Keith
  • 58:03  Inspiration al marketing quote of the week
  • 44:55  Close

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My Top 5 Marketing Tips from my chat with Keith:

  1. Spend a good amount of time finding your WHY.
  2. Be receptive and open to when the universe taps you on the shoulder and says “Hey, here’s an opportunity to be your best. Take it!”
  3. Make room on your plate for the things that your passionate about. This doesn’t mean getting a bigger plate, it means creating space by deleting the things you’re not passionate about.
  4. Celebrate the little wins.
  5. Stand for something. If you don’t then you’ll fall for anything.

Over to you!

Let me know YOUR #1 takeaway from this episode by leaving a comment below.
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17 thoughts on “226 – How to run your business with passion and purpose with Mr Passionate himself, Keith Abraham”

  1. First off, LOVED the kids on the show. They need to come on more. Loved hearing the interaction. Makes you more approachable.

    Next, loved the conversation around passion. Still working through this. Had a great experience today that reminded me of where I want to be.

    Loved the talk about focusing on three things and cutting out what you don’t need to focus on. Still have a lot of things I have to do.

    Could listen to this episode once a week as a reminder of things I need to focus on. A bit different than most of your shows, but a ripper!

  2. Well done Timbo for bringing your kids on and how well mannered they are – also great podcast which I will listen to a good few times
    Regards Sean

  3. Thanks Nick. Yes, it was different, but a message that needs to be spread. And Keith is the man to spread it. Amazing guy. Will find another way to bring the kids back soon!

  4. Great episode, Timbo. Particularly liked the segment with the kids. They had some really good ideas, and good to get some insight directly from younger people. They present as articulate and intelligent. No wonder you are proud.

    I still don’t believe passion is good for you, but energy and enthusiasm certainly are. Good broad discussion to be had about how you can make a difference to the world.

  5. John Bellingham

    Great episode Timbo, and you can rightfully be proud of your kids, they came across really well, and obviously been picking up some great tips from Dad!

    As a very proud Dad myself, I could relate to the ‘dynamics’ in the room as you were recording… very special moment, and a great memory for you all.

    Also a great guest – I’ll be honest and say I had never listened to Keith previously, but certainly will look him up now. He seems like a good guy, someone who seemingly cares about life and other people – good on him!

    It was interestingly coincidental that you talked about finding our ‘why’ – the book I’m listening to this week is Simon Sinek’s ‘Start With the Why’… another wee bit of tree-hugging-woo-woo. If only life was full of passionate (energetic, enthused, and engaged) people…. we’d all be in a much happier place!

    I’m now in the mood for a cuppa and a muffnut!

  6. Steve O'Halloran

    Timbo, Great show mate. Love the kids on the show, shows your a real person. The interview rocks, so many nuggets of gold baby! Just wanted to let you know i shared the audio i did with a friend for you in ep 207. He subscribed and started from the start. He loves your show. His business Double Decker Ice Cream, the dude converted a double decker bus into an ice cream parlor. Talk about being the Purple Cow Eh! All the best Timbo, Chat soon Mate

  7. James Tappenden

    Enjoyed the cameo from the kids Timbo.
    Do the MuffNut crew know you spoke about them? Might be worth them stopping by and dropping a cheeky link back to their shopping cart 😉

  8. Keith Abraham

    Hi John. Thank you for your kind comments and I appreciate you looking me. Keep on pursuing your passions. Regards, Keith

  9. Keith Abraham

    Thanks Justin for your comment. You are right energy applied to the right purpose. Have a strong reason gives you enthusiasm. Passion without purpose or a plan will never give you progress. Regards, Keith

  10. Keith Abraham

    HI Nick. I am glad you liked the conversation Tim and I had around passion, focusing on 3 goals. I often say goal setting is easy, remaining focused is the hard part. Regards, Keith

  11. Joshmorris31

    This is the best podcast episode I’ve listened to this year. My lunch break is at 11:15 and I plan on running to Dymocks and grabbing a copy of Keith’s book It Starts With Passion.

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