When the whole font thing goes horribly wrong.

I’m no designer – I leave the making stuff look pretty business to the experts.

In fact, there are days (most) when I don’t know whether to match my sox with my shoes or pants.

There’s too much riding on the design of things.

Sheep stations in some cases.

I mean, imagine buggering up the design of a M&Ms package.

Like, that could never happen, could it?


Or what about the branding on that box of Xmas lights.

I mean, kids will be buying those bad boys so you’d want to get it right. Right?!

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And, of course, Aunt Petunia all but waits by her post box for that special birthday card from her favourite nephew.

The designer of that card would know that, right?

They’d be across the fact that Aunt Petunia is pretty straight and the C bomb is not something she’d be that familiar with.




Ah, you’ve gotta laugh.

When has design or a designer let you down?