Turn one customer into seven higher paying ones using this proven referral marketing technique | #624

Turn one customer into seven higher paying ones using this proven referral marketing technique | #624

Referral marketing expert Tristen Smith was just like any other business owner, struggling to find the right strategy to bring in new customers. Then, he discovered the power of referral marketing and this changed everything. He quickly became a referral marketing Ninja closing more deals than anyone else on his team. He now helps business owners turn one customer into seven with his innovative techniques. Join us as I sit down with Tristen and discover how his journey from average marketer (with super high anxiety) to referral marketing expert can inspire and transform your business too.


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So, who is this referral marketing expert they call Tristen Smith?!

Have you ever met a business owner who’s got more customers than they can handle yet their marketing budget is minimal?

Then, after you’ve picked your chin up off the ground, you discover that the majority of their new business is coming from good old-fashioned referrals. You know, happy customers, who’ll bend over backwards to introduce you to their friends and family.

It’s sort of a marketing Nirvana, right?

Well, I’d love nothing more than for you to be that booming business.

And to help you get there, please meet referral marketing Ninja, Tristen Smith. Married with six kids and a lifetime entrepreneur, Tristen cut his referral marketing teeth selling solar energy systems. In his first month selling door-to-door he closed 52 contracts worth $2M with minimal industry experience. He finished his first quarter with 94 contracts worth $3.7M! In his two record-setting weeks he signed 41 contracts totalling$1.6M. All 41 contracts came from customer referrals. 

Tristen’s bottomline? In 5 years he had 300 residential systems installed with 90% of his customs coming from past happy customers.

But, as is so often the case, life wasn’t always easy for Tristen and his family as he dealt with major anxiety and a litany of failed business ideas.



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