Farmer Goes Viral on TikTok with 24/7 Self-Service Butchery Video | #623

Farmer Goes Viral on TikTok with 24/7 Self-Service Butchery Video | #623

Have you seen the viral TikTok video of the young farmer who opened a 24/7 self-service butchery? It’s had almost one million views. And rightly so, as farmer Jake Wolki is an entrepreneur on a mission to get us all eating right … and (in his own words) he doesn’t give two hoots about the customer experience!  It’s a go-your-own-way episode 623 of The (13 year-old, award-winning) Small Business Big Marketing podcast.


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So, who is Jake Wolki of Wolki Beef and why’s he a TikTok sensation?!


@wolkifarm My butchery is open 24/7 every single day and has NO STAFF! #butcher #farmer #regenag ? Aesthetic – Gaspar


Farmer Jake Wolki first came to my attention with his viral TikTok video in which he takes us on a tour of his 24/7 self-service butchery, which requires potential customers to pass an interview process and attend a farm tour hosted by Jake. 

I’ll play the audio from farmer Jake’s viral TikTok at the start of the interview, so you’ll know as much as I do heading in.

Now a 24/7 self-service butchery that’s had zero theft in two years is a pretty impressive story, and I thought that was going to be the extent of my chat with him.

How wrong was I?! Farmer Jake is a business genius who’s got plenty more going on including owning a bike shop and cafe with his folks, he’s a first generation farmer who has a tour business, he’s big on using his values to drive all business decisions, and he’s NOT passionate about a nice shopping experience for his customers!

I’m putting this up there with one of my most enjoyable and eye-opening interviews for quite some time.



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