How (and why) to be the face and voice of your industry | # 622

How (and why) to be the face and voice of your industry | # 622

In case you need reminding, you’re standing on a mountain of knowledge. You know so much about your industry. So why not share it by becoming your industry’s spokesperson? Become the face and voice of your industry. Today, thanks to Media Stable’s Nic Hayes, you’ll discover exactly how. It’s an opinion-leading episode 622 of The (13 year-old, award-winning) Small Business Big Marketing podcast.


A little more about Media Stable’s Nic Hayes …


Following positive feedback to my recent interview with Joshua Del Pozo, the Chief of Staff for The Today Show, I figured you guys are keen to learn more about how to become a media spokesperson for your industry, which of course requires some media training.

And who better to give it to than Nic Hayes, the founder of Media Stable, a business he started in 2012 that connects media with experts and which has become the preferred source of media talent in Australia. Media Stable is also the leading resource for business owners who want to become media savvy and get exposure for their business along the way. Nic is also the founder of Expert Registry, an online media training resource.

To provide real life case studies of business owners who’ve been through and benefited from Nic’s training, we’re also joined by finance & money Sarah Wells and Online Agency owner Nicole Jameson.

If free media exposure for yourself and your business appeals, then grab a notebook, as this really is a masterclass. Topics covered include:

  1. Why is becoming a media spokesperson smart marketing?
  2. Who’s it suited to?
  3. Where are the media opportunities in 2023 and beyond?
  4. How to generate stories the media want to cover
  5. How to manage a media opportunity 

I started off by asking Nic to define the media in 2023.


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Expert Registry – Get media trained online with Nic and his team of media training experts
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Sarah Well’s official website

Nicole Jameson’s Dark Horse agency website


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