The Today Show’s Chief-of-Staff Joshua Del Pozo on how to get free national TV coverage for your business | #617

The Today Show’s Chief-of-Staff Joshua Del Pozo on how to get free national TV coverage for your business | #617

Do you like the idea of getting yourself or your business on The Today Show without paying a cent? Thought so. Then listen up as The Today Show’s Chief-of-Staff, Joshua Del Pozo, explains exactly how you can. It’s a star-studded episode 617 of The (13 year-old, award-winning) Small Business Big Marketing podcast.


A little more about Joshua Del Pozo, The Today Show’s Chief-of-Staff …


Joshua Del Pozo is the Chief-of-Staff for The Today Show, one of Australia’s most watched current affairs and news-based programs, watched by hundreds of thousands of Aussies every week.

Basically, he’s the guy responsible for the show’s content, the topics covered, and the guests that appear either as special comment providers or as news stories in their own right.

So if the idea of getting yourself or that beautiful business of yours on national TV appeals, then stop what you’re doing and focus as Josh steps us through exactly how to get free national TV coverage. 

He even gives out his personal email address!

Oh, a quick point on any limiting beliefs you may carry around this topic even if The Today Show’s not your cup of tea, or maybe you think that social media is where you need to focus your marketing attention, please don’t underestimate the flow on effects for you or your business being featured on prime time TV.

Yes you’ll get national coverage, build brand awareness, and maybe even make some sales … but who knows what else may happen? Another media outlet may want to cover your story, a potential strategic partner may contact you, or your Mum will just be super proud of her golden child!

I started off by identifying the elephant in the room …


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