210 – How to create magic moments that put a WOW on your customers’ faces with Ray Scicluna

210 – How to create magic moments that put a WOW on your customers’ faces with Ray Scicluna

Ray Scicluna couldn’t read or write until he was 31 years old, and yet he was the owner of a business turning over $90 million by the age of 27. How did he do it? Through a commitment to creating “magic moments” for every single customer. The Video Ezy founder made a point of exceeding every single customer’s expectation, whether by treating loyal customers to dinner vouchers or by transforming the idea of “overdue fees” into something more positive. This one’s a cracker of an idea.

If your business needs a point of difference, creating magic moments will give your business just that. What’s more – they don’t have to cost a cent! As Ray shows in this interview, all you need is a little out-of-the-box thinking, and a consistent focus on the needs of your customers.

PLUS, I answer a listener question about how to target the right kinds of clients, and I lay down the gauntlet with a listener challenge. Let’s get stuck right into episode 210 of Australia’s #1 marketing show. Go!

Episode Timeline

  • 2.15 I answer a listener question about getting to particular kinds of clients.
  • 7.00 Make sure that you get to the Small Business Big Marketing Forum and share your ‘weekly wins’.
  • 7.30  Netregistry and 99Designs are here to make sure that youir online marketing and design work is the best it can be.
  • 10.15 Finding the connection between mindfulness and business success.
  • 13.30 Introducing Ray Scicluna, a man who couldn’t read or write until the age of 31, but at 27 had a business turning over $90 million!
  • 15.15 How Ray got into the video business.
  • 18.00 And then how he lost it all and filed for bankruptcy at the age of 29.
  • 23.30 How Video Ezy became a brand – it’s focus on people and ‘magic moments’.
  • 25.00 Ray explains why he had such a commitment to staff training with Video Ezy.
  • 27.30  How having a guarantee built a lot of business for Video Ezy.
  • 31.00 Ray talks about consistency across marketing touchpoints and how they all add up to creating a cohesive brand experience.
  • 34.30 How Video Ezy created magic moments with birthday cards.
  • 39.00  The importance of dealing with different customers in different ways to meet each customer’s individual needs.
  • 45.00 Apple’s magic moment – having an actual retail store.
  • 46.00 Listener challenege! Create one magic moment this week and email it to tim@smallbusinessbigmarketing.com
  • 47.00 Why loyalty might just be more important in business than logic.
  • 51.45 My top three takeaways from this episode.
  • 54.00 Inspirational quote of the week!

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Ray Scicluna Interview Transcription


Okay, well that was a magical bit of feedback and here is a magical interview. How’s that for segue? I want to introduce my guest. His name is Ray Scicluna. Ray is an interesting fellow. I met him in a conference last week on the Gold Coast that we both spoke at and I’d also previously been told about Ray as someone I should connect with and go and hear speak. And I did. I sat through his session and it was fantastic. How’s this – Ray left school at 13, grew up in the tough western suburbs of Melbourne. He couldn’t read or write until the age of 31, but at the age of 27 he had a business turning over $90 million, but by the age of 29, bankrupt. But then he made a fortune by bringing the Video Ezy franchise to Australia and New Zealand. How’s that? Very old school, the old video stores, but boy did he do a good job with those Video Ezy stores, and his magic, well his secret sauce I should say were magic moment, creating magic moments that surprised and delighted clients. This is a bit of a continuing discussion almost from a previous episode with Joshua Nickels from Platinum Electricians where he talked about those 1 percenters. That really got some traction, that discussion, and this will continue that kind of discussion. Magic moments are wonderful. There’s not enough of them as I said at the start of this episode. So let’s get stuck into it. Here is Ray Scicluna.

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My Top 3 Learnings

My top three takeaways from chatting with Ray are:

1. Create magic moments in your business. Exceed a customer’s expectations to create Word of Mouth and Word of Mouse.

2. What’s your ‘Would you like fries with that?’ offer? How can you up-sell?

3. Make sure that you have consistency across all your marketing touchpoints.

Over to you!

Let me know YOUR #1 takeaway from this episode by leaving a comment below.
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3 thoughts on “210 – How to create magic moments that put a WOW on your customers’ faces with Ray Scicluna”

  1. Ohh Emmm GEEE. This was awesome. Love the guarantee, the partnering with other businesses, the petro station story about Daniel!!! Talk about loyal customers. This is my hot button. I get so excited when I hear other doing these kinds of things. Ray, you are an inspiration. Thank you for this. Thanks Timbo for bringing his story to us.

  2. Thanks Nick. Yes, Ray shared some absolute gold. And like you, I also love discussion around surprising and delighting our customers. It’s such a fun, effective and often inexpensive marketing strategy. Should be more of it, as I alluded to in the chat with Ray.

  3. Ray Scicluna

    Thanks Nick appreciate your comments, I believe everyone has a story to tell that is just exciting and inspiring, i am just lucky that I get a chance to tell my. I think the very focus area for me is actually understanding that people make it happen. Can’t create magic moment without them , everyone loves magic moments.. They cost very little to implement, they get you remembered, noticed and above all referred.
    Keep well Nick..

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