A challenging marketing idea for real estate agents.

I live in a small beachside suburb of Melbourne.

People population? 18,000.

Real estate agent population? 16 agencies!

Turnover is slow, things take a while to sell.

So I’m thinking it’s gotta be hard to make a decent coin.

And when that’s the case, clever marketing is called for.

It was 32 degrees this morning as I ventured out on to the highway (bad move) … and the traffic was bumper to bumper with loads of city folk heading down the beach.

And that’s when the big idea hit me.

Why don’t all 16 real estate agents come together and pay for a mobile billboard that sits on the side of the highway with a big, ballsy headline stating “Imagine if you lived here?” Or something similar.

The idea would be to drive traffic in to the village at which point each agent’s own marketing prowess could take over.

Now, I’m sure many agents would cower at the idea of doing some joint venture marketing with their competition, however, they need to think of the idea as a way of promoting the surrounding area, not each other’s businesses.

The small-minded ones may also think that such a campaign should be funded by the local chamber. Get over it, I say. Take control and don’t wait for others to determine your business’s future success.

Great marketing often breaks the rules – I’ve noticed this as a consistent theme in my 110 or sointerviews with successful small business owners.

 So, what do you think? Like my idea? Or have I lost the plot? How would you do it differently?