Create a Refer-A-Friend Program

Today’s idea is to create a Refer-a-Friend program.

Examples you would have seen are when Uber rewards you for inviting others to use their service; or the Tell Friends About Dropbox offer on their app that enable you to get extra storage on Dropbox.

refer a friend program
Uber’s Refer-A-Friend Program

If you can keep your customers happy and deliver on your promises, they can become powerful lead generation tools. The question is, what can you do to motivate your customers to send new leads your way?

Sometimes it happens organically, but when you’re trying to make big waves, you can’t wait around for that to happen. So what can do you? Well, I’d develop a Refer-A-Friend Program; a simple way to reward people for sending qualified leads your way.

Here’s my 3- step process:

    1. Think about what you can offer as a reward to people for helping you convert more people. For example, you could give people things like discounts on products, gift vouchers, or my personal favorite … cold, hard cash. Try to come up with a reward that your customers will love.
    2. Create an account with an online referral program like FriendBuy or Referralcandy – these tools can manage your entire referral program. Read through the onboarding documentation provided and start building your program.

refer-a-friend program3. Launch your referral program by writing a press release, emailing your existing clients, publishing a blog post, and sharing the news on social. Make sure that every new customer knows that your referral program exists from day one.

As always there’ll be links in the show notes for the resources I mentioned.

So … what have you got to lose?!


1 thought on “Create a Refer-A-Friend Program”

  1. Referring a Friend is practical and helps essentially in multiplying your sales and marketing arm. So long as the good service and experience holds, your referrals will multiply.

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