236 – The simplest, most effective referral marketing idea I’ve heard, with Steve Sims of LA-based concierge business, Bluefish

236 – The simplest, most effective referral marketing idea I’ve heard, with Steve Sims of LA-based concierge business, Bluefish

Steve Sims of LA-based concierge business, Bluefish, has a wonderfully unconventional approach to his marketing. You’d think that a bloke who organises outrageously expensive fantasies and adventures for his 4,000 well-healed clients would spend a fortune promoting his business. Anything but!

Listen is as Steve explains an unbelievably simple referral marketing idea, another one that guarantees an almost 100% open rate, and another one that ensures you get past the dobermans to the decision-maker every time.

Steve also takes us behind-the-scenes of organising for one of his clients and five guests to have dinner at the feet of Michelangelo’s David in the Academia Museum in Florence.

steve sims bluefish   steve sims bluefish

You can watch (not just listen to) my entire interview with Steve inside The Small Business Big Marketing Forum.

I also answer a listener question about generating back-links through guest blogging.

Yep, it’s another big show. Let’s get stuck right into Australia’s #1 marketing podcast.



Episode Timeline


  • 00:32  Welcome and overview of today’s episode
  • 01:58  Checking in on your week
  • 03:42  Online marketing tips from Netregistry
  • 04:43  I introduce today’s guest Steve Sims of Bluefish
  • 07:32  Interview with Steve Sims
  • 35:30  My top 10 learnings from my interview with Alicia
  • 37:31  Motivational marketing quote of the week
  • 37:50  I answer a listener question about blogging and back-links
  • 54:37  Wrap-up and insight into next week’s guest



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My Top 5 Marketing Tips from my chat with Steve Sims from LA-based concierge service Bluefish:


  1. Implement his referral marketing idea. Start collecting hotel stationary and buy some Sharpies!
  2. Let’s all make better use of our networks.
  3. Believe that anything is possible.
  4. Get others to believe in your dream – that’s how you get past the Dobermans!
  5. Build your credibility by doing what you say you’re going to do.



Inspirational Marketing Quote of the Week


 “Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than the ones you did. So throw of the bowlines, sail away from the safe harbour, and catch the trade winds in your sails”

Mark Twain



Over to you!

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9 thoughts on “236 – The simplest, most effective referral marketing idea I’ve heard, with Steve Sims of LA-based concierge business, Bluefish”

  1. Tim I just want to frame this for you. So I’m just home from the gym and I see this weeks sbbm podcast is avail so I’ve downloaded and started listening as I’m putting together a pork belly roast and all I’m hearing is Steve Sims dropping these marketing and client nurturing atom bombs of gold.

    To the point where I felt compelled to glance away from the Jamie Oliver recipe and drop you a line, still only 16 mins into the podcast, applauding Steve’s genius strategies.

    I can hear the pork crackling coming on nicely so back to it!

  2. Love it, Brad. Apologies to keep you from your roast, however it sounds like you nailed it anyway. Feel free to send some crackling my way. Fat free crackling, of course ;0) And yes, Steve is a marketing genius.

  3. Loved this episode, Timbo. A bit like trying to drink water from a fire hydrant with Steve firing off marketing ideas. I reckon there is real power in hand written notes to people, who doesn’t love getting something personal and hand written? Happens so seldom these days, so there is an opening for business owners prepared to spend a little time staying in touch that way.

  4. Awesome, Awesome, Awesome, Podcast. Love the way Steve leaves an indelible imprint on his clients with his out of the box marketing ideas. Loved it. 🙂

  5. What a guy! I LOVE the way he thinks. I just couldn’t wait to get out of the car to start implementing ideas. I already go down the hand written note path in sending little reminders to my community to let them know they’re doing a great job. But gosh, I could take it so much further. Thanks for an awesome interview guys.

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    business with these great ideas.
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  7. Chantal Brodrick

    Tim, I’m driving listening to this episide and have pulled over because I couldn’t wait to write to you and say – how good is Steve Sims!! What a brilliant interview! Such passion, such simple back to basics ideas for truly connecting with your clients – LOVE it! Thank you so much for another great episode

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