[Regional Queensland Special #1] Cairns Aquarium founder Daniel Leipnik & PakMag founder Bree James | #567

[Regional Queensland Special #1] Cairns Aquarium founder Daniel Leipnik & PakMag founder Bree James | #567

Today we head to Cairns in Far North Queensland, to kick off an 8-part series showcasing amazing businesses in regional Queensland. In these special episodes you’ll meet not one, but two inspiring business owners. And today’s two businesses couldn’t be more different from each other… Australia’s largest aquarium. And one of regional Australia’s largest publishers. It’s a tropical episode 567 of The (12 year-old, award-winning) Small Business Big Marketing podcast.


Regional Queensland Series – Cairns

Grab your swag and favourite pillow, because for the next few weeks, you and I are off on a road trip.

Not literally of course,  although that’d be a lot of fun, but for the next 8-weeks we’ll be travelling from Cairns all the way down to the Gold Coast (a lazy 1,849 km!) meeting some amazing founders who’ve set up businesses and lifestyles they love outside of the big smoke.

We’ll discover the upside and downside of doing business in regional Australia, plus you’ll get all the usual marketing gold you’re used to.

To kick us off we’re heading to Cairns, where Bree James, the founder of PakMag, started the longest standing, privately-owned parenting publication in Queensland. She’s a content creating machine!

But first, let’s meet Daniel Leipnik, the founder of the Cairns Aquarium, one of the largest aquariums in Australia. Turing over $10M per annum, employing 55 staff with 16,000 fish swimming in a whopping five million litres of water, the creation of the Cairns Aquarium is a beautiful story of a boyhood dream that became a reality.

So let’s go find out how Daniel raised the tens of millions of dollars required to build his dream, how a tourist attraction of this magnitude has cleverly navigated its way through COVID and what role marketing has played in its success.

I started off by asking Daniel why and how he came to realise this incredible dream.



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