[Regional Queensland Special #6 – Sunshine Coast] – Spirit House’s Acland Brierty & CoYo’s Sandra Gosling | #572

[Regional Queensland Special #6 – Sunshine Coast] – Spirit House’s Acland Brierty & CoYo’s Sandra Gosling | #572

Part 6 of our regional Queensland business showcase takes us to the Sunshine Coast, where we meet one of Queensland’s leading restaurateurs, along with the co-founder of an entirely new yoghurt category! It’s a tasty episode 572 of The (12 year-old, award-winning) Small Business Big Marketing podcast.


Regional Queensland Series – Sunshine Coast


This week we leave Bundaberg and head down to the Sunshine Coast, where we catch up with Spirit House owner Acland Brierty. When it comes to amazing food and surroundings, Spirit House is a Queensland institution and Acland is one of the state’s leading restaurants and has plenty of great insights around customer service, family businesses, and identifying new revenue streams.

What’s especially compelling about my chat with Acland is that only the day prior he’d arrived at work only to find a guy with an axe destroying his beautiful restaurant.But first, let’s meet Sandra Gosling, who along with her husband Henry founded the now hugely popular CoYo Coconut Yoghurt. Invented in 2010, they’ll turn over $15M this year thanks to 51 dedicated staff churning out two thousand tonnes of this delicious food.

You’re going to love Sandra for a bunch of reasons including her insights into innovation, business courage, branding and so much more.

She begins our chat by describing the light-bulb moment that struck Henry at 2:00AM one morning in 2009.


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