[Regional Queensland Special #8 – Gold Coast] Zarraffa’s Coffee founder Kenton Campbell & Nutrition Warehouse’s Grant Mayo | #574

[Regional Queensland Special #8 – Gold Coast] Zarraffa’s Coffee founder Kenton Campbell & Nutrition Warehouse’s Grant Mayo | #574

Our regional Queensland business showcase wraps up this week on the Gold Coast where we meet two giants business – Zarraffa’s Coffee founder Kenton Campbell, and Nutrition Warehouse founder Grant mayo. And you’ll never guess what he was before becoming an entrepreneur! It’s a curious episode 574 of The (12 year-old, award-winning) Small Business Big Marketing podcast.


Regional Queensland Series – Gold Coast


This week we head to the Gold Coast where we catch up with former world champion bodybuilder and 1997’s Mr World, Grant Mayo, who traded in the dumbbells for a life of entrepreneurship by starting Nutrition Warehouse, which now has 80 store nationallys turning over $100M annually.

But first, let’s meet Kenton Campbell, the founder of Zarraffa’s Coffee. Think a local version of Starbucks but better. Zarraffas has 73 locations nationally, turning over $200M annually and employing 2,000 staff. Kenton himself was featured on ABC TV’s Australian Story,

You’re going to love Kenton’s business insights, as he shares five pivotal moves that got him to where he is today. 

Now Kenton is a humble guy, not one for blowing his own trumpet too loudly … in fact, he prefers to be called a mistake maker as opposed to an entrepreneur; so I started off asking him what he meant by that …

Our second Gold Coast business legend is Grant Mayo who is the founder of Nutrition Warehouse, a retail, bricks and mortar supplements brand with 80 stores nationally, employing 400 staff and turning over $100M annually. 

In his younger days, Grant was also a world champion bodybuilder who hit the top of his game when awarded the title of Mr Universe in 1997.

We cover plenty of ground in this chat including how to get an idea to market, the power of the right brand name, risk-taking and plenty more.

I started off by asking Grant how big did he get, how far did he get, and what drove him …

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