216 – How to market a restaurant with ex YouTube star turned New York BBQ house owner Daniel Delaney

216 – How to market a restaurant with ex YouTube star turned New York BBQ house owner Daniel Delaney

From YouTube star to New York barbecue-house owner. That’s the story in a nutshell of today’s guest, Daniel Delaney. Listen in if you’re keen to discover smart restaurant marketing ideas … or how creating helpful marketing on YouTube can open up some amazing opportunities.

SO, if you love nothing more than to chomp on a slab of brisket, you are going to love this week’s chat with Daniel Delaney, the founder of Delaney Barbecue. Daniel knows his way around a piece of meat, but more importantly, he’s brimming with business savvy too. Before starting his twin businesses of BrisketTown, a brisket restaurant, and Smokeline, a mobile brisket vendor, Daniel immersed himself in the food world and became a person of real influence by creating authoritative, engaging video content on YouTube that foodies loved to watch and share.

Do you want to have more influence and authority in your business niche? Do you need a boost of inspiration to make you take action? If so, Daniel has golden words for you throughout every minute of this chat. Let’s waste no time and get stuck right into Episode 216 of Australia’s #1 marketing show!

Episode Timeline

  • 1.45 You don’t have to build your business alone. Lean on the experts at 99Designs and Netregistry for help with design and online marketing.
  • 5.30 Introducing barbecue expert, Daniel Delaney. But is his favourite food actually barbecue?
  • 8.30 Daniel’s interest in the food business goes right back to his university thesis on the design of mobile food vending.
  • 12.45 The powerful idea of doing one thing really well.
  • 17.00 The start of content creation for Daniel. How did VendrTV come about?
  • 21.00 How did Daniel become an influencer in his business niche?
  • 31.00 Moving on from video content exclusively, and knowing when it’s right to move on.
  • 35.00 The beginnings of “Brisket Lab” and figuring out how to make a barbecue business work.
  • 46.00 Why Daniel loves to move quickly in business.
  • 50.45 Daniel’s issues with being a patient leader.
  • 52.00 Daniel describes his rigorous process to find the best assistant.
  • 60.45 My top 5 learnings from this week’s fireside chat.
  • 63.00 Inspirational quote of the week!

Resources and Links Mentioned in this Episode

Daniel Delaney’s Interview Transcription

Daniel Delaney:

I found myself scratching my head and decided that what I would do was – I don’t know if you know Ze Frank, but I was a big follower of his at the time.

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My Top 5 Learnings

This week’s top five learnings from my chat with Daniel Delaney:

1. Produce helpful content to become a person of influence. Whether it’s blog posts, podcasts, or an original video series – just start creating.

2. Make sure the content is HD quality. With inexpensive, accessible technology on your smartphone, this is totally doable.

3. Move quickly and take action. Don’t over think things.

4. Shake the can. Make a noise so that your business gets noticed.

5. Use all the amazing tools that are out there to create business success. Think MailChimp, LaunchRock, and more.

Over to you!

Let me know YOUR #1 takeaway from this episode by leaving a comment below.
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10 thoughts on “216 – How to market a restaurant with ex YouTube star turned New York BBQ house owner Daniel Delaney”

  1. Maybe it was just the fact that I love hearing that American accent, but loved this interview. I love the speed at which Dan moves. I need to be drinking his cool aid. WOW! It gave me a bunch of ideas on sponsorship and testing. Do we get a round 2 to hear about his current business though? All I know is that he has great brisket. You left me wanting more.

  2. Thanks Nick. It’s funny, I had every intention of going deeper into Dan’s current business, however he has such a great backstory that that took up a lot of the interview. Will there be a round two? Mmmmm, let’s wait and see ;0

  3. Great interview with a self starter who is committed to TAKING ACTION! Thanks gentleman. Fanning the fire of getting stuff done!

  4. Signature Clothing

    Cool Aid? Nick, maybe you and I need to hit NY and have a beer with Dan!

  5. Signature Clothing

    I’d fly to NY just to walk that elevator garden & throw down one of Dans steaks.
    Great interview Timbo!

  6. Thanks Arn … I dare you to go to Daniel’s website and check out his brisket. If you find yourself licking the screen, don’t worry, you’re probably not the first one to do it!

  7. Never been there if you can believe it Arn. I’d love to hit up the big Apple with you. Sounds like Timbo is planning a trip next year…maybe a SBBM Meetup is in order!

  8. Patrick Duffy

    Really inspiring and insightful interview, great example of how the internet is impacting us in so many different ways

  9. I was so interested in what @danieldelany said about LaunchRock that I went and had a look at the link provided (thanks Timbo) and I set up a page at http://7j2oukoy.launchrock.co/
    It was quite easy 🙂
    Thanks Timbo for always finding interesting and motivated people to interview, and for always asking excellent questions … and thank you Daniel for being so transparent.

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